Application to the Center for International Students (Studienkolleg) in Constance

Center for International Students (Studienkolleg) at the University of Applied Sciences, Constance

HTWG Konstanz
Braunegger Str. 55
78462 Konstanz

Application deadlines at the Center for International Students are:

For entry in the spring semester: 1 November
For entry in the winter semester: 1 May

A separate application form is available and must be used. The following documents must be submitted along with the completed form:

  • University entrance qualification (one officially certified copy of the diploma, and a translation into German; no translation is necessary if the original is worded either in English or French)
  • An official transcript of all classes taken, corresponding to the university entrance qualification, with a translation into German or English
  • Proof of German language proficiency
  • Resume
  • One passport photograph
  • Proof of university entrance exam, e.g. SAT, ACT
  • Proof of periods of study, e.g. certified records, certificate of matriculation, exam results, academic records, Assessment Exam Certificate (Feststellungsprüfung), etc.

Important: all photocopies must be officially certified. Outside Germany, usually only certifications by a German Consulate or Embassy conform to the high standards that must be met.

The following credentials are usually recognized by the Center for International Students and enable immediate admission to Furtwangen University after passing the examination of German language proficiency:

  • Certificate of graduation granted after a total of thirteen years of instruction
  • Certificate of graduation granted after a total of twelve years of instruction, issued in an European Union country, such as France
  • Official transcripts issued by accredited and recognized institutions of higher education