Learning strategies and dealing with exams

Learning strategies and Exam preparation
Perhaps you find it difficult to understand the teaching and learning methods used in Germany or perhaps you are wondering how you can learn everything you are expected to learn for the exam. The Academic Counselling Centre can help you find out how to learn effectively and show you how to use suitable learning techniques.

Exam stress or fear of exams
If you suffer from exam stress or fear of sitting exams, you can talk to the counsellors who give support for personal problems at Student Services Freiburg

General information about SPO and bonus/malus system

For general information about the Study and Examination regulations and the bonus/malus system, see here.

Contact the Academic Counselling Centre for advice here.

What do I do if I fail an exam?

If you have only failed one or two exams, there's no need to panic as long as you have not exceeded the maximum number of malus points allowed and/or gone over the deadlines set for the degree programme. You can find information about this in the SPO and on your unadjusted transcript of records which you can download from the Studiportal. If you have questions about it, you can ask the person responsible for your degree programme in the Examinations Office.

Tips on how to do better in the exam the next time:

  • ask the lecturer for an appointment to look at the exam paper and ask him/her how you can prepare yourself better for the resit
  • make an appointment with the Academic Counselling Centre to find out what learning techniques can help you with your exam preparation
  • if you have problems with more than one subject, make an appointment to see your Dean of Studies for help with your study planning
  • if you suffer from exam stress, you can contact Student Services Freiburg for counselling here

What if I want to change my course or change universities?

Before you change degree programmes or universities or discontinue your studies, please contact the relevant Immigration Office (Ausländeramt) as any of the above changes can affect your residency status and your residency permit.

If you are considering changing degree programmes you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is studying at a university really what I want to do?
  • What can I improve in my current situation without changing courses or dropping out of university?
  • Do I want to study, but my present course is not the right one for me?
  • If so, what would be the right course?
  • Have I tried out the alternatives?

If you want to apply to HFU, please follow the application deadlines. These are valid for both students who are already matriculated and wish to change courses, and for students who wish to change to HFU.

Information about the necessary application forms are available from the  Admissions Office.

Changing degree programmes at HFU

If you are already studying at HFU and want to change to the first semester of another degree programme at HFU, then you must submit an application form (Zulassungsantrag) and a new passport photo. You will also need to provide additional documents such as certificates, a CV and documents for the selection process. If you no longer have a certified documents available, the Examinations Office can provide you with the documents from your original application.

If you are studying at HFU and want to change to a higher semester of another degree programme at HFU, you must submit an application form (Zulassungsantrag) and a new passport photo. You will also need to provide additional documents such as certificates and a CV. If you no longer have a certified documents available, the Examinations Office can provide you with the documents from your original application. An unadjusted transcript of records must also be submitted. Changing courses is only possible prior to the start of the lecture period.

Further information can be requested from the Admission Office.

Changing to another university

If you want to change to another university to study the same degree programme or one with similar course content, you should find out from that university in advance whether your credits can be transferred, whether you can advance with your studies to a higher semester and how you should apply. Student services or the admissions office in the new university should be able to help you with this. If you also wish to change courses at the new university, it is also advisable to contact their student services or admissions office in advance for information.

Changing from another university

If you wish to change from another university to HFU to study in the first or a higher semester and have already studied the same or a similar course, you should submit an application form, CV, photo, an unadjusted transcript of records and the required certificates.

If you wish to study a different degree at HFU, you should submit an application form, CV, photo and the required certificates. If your application is successful, proof of ex-matriculation from the previous degree programme must be provided at latest before matriculation at HFU. For further information, please contact the Admission Office.

What can I do if I have been suspended?

Please note that suspension can affect your residency permit.  Contact your local immigration office for further information.

What can you do if you cannot continue your course of study at HFU because you have failed all attempts at an exam or have been suspended?

If you wish to continue to study at HFU, you can apply for another course of study. Your application will be handled in the selection process in the same way as other applicants who are not yet matriculated. Acceptance is possible if the new course of study and the original course have different course content (i.e. until pre or interim examinations or the whole programme is different). For further information please contact the Admissions Office.

If you wish to continue the same or similar course of studies at another university, you must check with the student affairs office or admissions office of the new university whether this is possible. If you wish to change universities and your course of study, you should find out whether you have to begin in the first semester, whether credits can be transferred or if you can enter a higher semester.

If you wish to apply to HFU and failed an exam at, or have been suspended from, another university you can find more information here.