What is the Academic Counselling Centre?

The Academic Counselling Centre is funded by the Baden-W├╝rttemberg Ministry for Science, Research and The Arts.

We offer free confidential advice and support on all matters related to studying at Furwangen University to current and future students. If you can't find the answers you need on the following pages, contact us for help at:

 Victoria Reineck

Victoria Reineck
Student Services
Academic Counselling Centre
07723 920-2430
Furtwangen campus, Room A 2.11

 Franziska Laabs

Franziska Laabs
Student Services
Academic Counselling Centre
07723 920-2437
07723 920-2655
Furtwangen campus, Room A 2.11

How can we help you?

Making decisions about your future career and what to study is not easy. Studying at university presents a lot of new challenges and good advice is often needed. We offer confidential and neutral counselling on all study-related topics.

You can speak openly to us because everything you discuss with us is confidential. You can be sure that your counsellor will not discuss it with anyone else. We are trained advisors and can help you to find the right people to help you further.

We can give you advice on the following subjects:

  • General questions about the degree programmes HFU offers
  • Decisions as to whether to go to university or not
  • Choice of university course
  • Study and Exam regulations
  • Changing degree programmes
  • Financing your study
  • Exam preparation and learning techniques
  • Suspension from programme
  • Studying with a disability or chronic illness
  • Helping you find the right people to speak to

Where can you find us?

We offer counselling on all three campuses as follows:

Furtwangen campus: Mondays by appointment, Room A 1.26
Schwenningen campus: Wednesdays by appointment, Room C 1.06
Tuttlingen campus: First & third Tuesday of every month by appointment, Room A 2.11

Meetings can be arranged at other times by appointment. Our office on the Furtwangen campus is in A 2.11.


What are our opening hours?

Our office on the Furtwangen campus is in A 2.11. Meetings can be arranged  by appointment.

We are open:

Monday to Wednesday: 9am - 12.30pm
Thursday: 9am - 4pm
Friday: 9am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 4pm