Interruption of studies due to illness

If you are prevented from writing an exam or completing an assignment for health reasons, you must follow the rules of the Study and Examination Regulations (the SPO). The staff of the Examinations Office can answer any questions you may have. In addition, if you are unable to study for a longer period during the semester, it is recommended that you submit a doctor's note  to the Examination Office.

In the case of disability or chronic illness - illness over a longer period of time or recurring illness - it is very important not only to seek medical help, but also to talk to someone at the university that you trust regarding how you can best continue your studies. For example, they can help you complete a "Special Circumstances Form" (Antrag auf Nachteilsausgleich). The Academic Counselling Centre is happy to help you in this situation.

Medical assistance

The student counselling service offered by Student Services Freiburg offers free confidential counselling to all matriculated students at the University. They can help with whatever issues or problems might be coming up for people, whether related to studying or life at the University, to relationships and friendships, to family matters, feeling depressed or unmotivated, alcohol or drug use, or issues from the past.

They also offer counselling  on the German health service, including health insurance, benefits and visits to the doctor. The counselling takes place with a doctor who can speak English or French if necessary.

For Information and appointments contact Karl-Heinz Hermle at 0761 2101 233.