Counselling for personal problems

Student Services Freiburg (Studierendenwerk Freiburg) offers free confidential counselling to all matriculated students at the University. They can help with whatever issues or problems students might have, whether related to studying or life at the University, to relationships and friendships, to family matters, feeling depressed or unmotivated, alcohol or drug use, or issues from the past.

Furtwangen campus
Counselling during semester:

Wolfgang Nöthen
Wednesdays from 5.15pm - 6.15pm and by appointment
Telephone: +49 7723-6503151,
Email: wolfgang.noethen(at)

Henning Ross
Thursdays from 12.00 - 1.00pm and by appointment
Telephone: +49 7723-6503550,
Email: henningross66(at)

Counselling sessions take place in Furtwangen at Gerwigstraße 13 in room D 2.08.

Schwenningen campus
Counselling during semester:

No appointment necessary
Susanne Rettinger
Mondays 11.30am - 1.30pm

Private counselling - By appointment only
Ulrike Timm
Telephone: + 0151 1093-1684

Susanne Rettinger
Telephone: +0179 1957-228

All counselling sessions take place in Schwenningen at Bürkstrasse 1 on the 1st floor in room 103.


The Caritasverband is a charity run by the Catholic Church which can help students in an emergency.

Hotline: 07721/8407-0

Werner Gutermann
Tel: 07721/992 9469

Andrea Klausmann
Tel: 07723/1075

Bullying (Mobbing)

Bullying (in German - mobbing) is becoming increasingly serious in schools, universities and in working life and is often underestimated, denied and/or ignored. Harrassment, exclusion, molestation, insults and intrigues are no trifling matters. They need advice and handling. The Mobbing Hotline, run by the Protestant church (KDA) and the Catholic church (Kab) in the Freiburg region and the German Confederation of Trade Unions (DGB), offers information and support in how to deal with this problem. Phone calls are handled anonymously.

The Mobbing Hotline 0761 / 292 800 99 is open Tuesday and Thursday from 5.00pm to 7.00pm. Please note, English-speaking staff may not always be available.

You can also talk to a counsellor from Student Services Freiburg.


What is Stalking?
Stalking is the intentional and repeated pursuance and harrassment of a person in such a way as to make them feel their safety is being threatened and to significantly compromise their ability to manage their life. The stalker's victim can be both someone unknown to them, someone they know superficially or a former partner. This is a serious offence.

If you feel you are being stalked, please contact the Equal Opportunities Representive here.