The questions and answers below contain important information about your studies.
Should you have any additional queries, please feel free to contact the Examinations Office directly.

Which rules and regulations govern university studies?

The State Higher Education Act (LHG) and the Study and Examination Regulations (SPO) govern university studies. The SPO distinguishes between a general section applicable to all students (Allgemeiner Teil) and a special section for each degree programme (Besonderer Teil). All new and current students are urged to read these carefully and to contact the Admissions and Records/Examinations Office if there are any questions.

As a rule, the regulations of the SPO apply along with the resolutions of the Central Board of Examiners (ZPA), which provides guidance on supplementary regulations as appropriate. Exceptions are made only in extreme cases, and only upon special request with a detailed explanation to the Examinations Office.

When do I enrol or reregister?

The senate approves an official schedule for each individual semester that includes the dates and deadlines for enrolment or reregistration and the deadlines for registration for specific courses. Reregistration is also required during semesters abroad, practical study semesters, when registering for thesis preparation, or when taking leave of absence.

Please note: For successful enrolment (first-semester students only), fees must be transferred at least 10 days before the start of the enrolment period at the latest. Reregistration for the following semester (applies to all existing HFU students) can now only be done online through the Studi-Portal. Fees are paid via direct debit at that time – so it is important to ensure that your account has sufficient funds to cover the fees.

How do I reregister to repeat a semester?

If you wish, you have the opportunity to repeat a semester (which is then called a "B-semester"). If you are in receipt of BAföG student funding (only applicable to German and EU citizens), you should first agree this with the SWFR BAföG representative or the BAföG office, as you might otherwise encounter problems.
At reregistration, you must first reregister online via the Studi-Portal and then contact the Examinations Office (e.g. via email) to apply for the B-semester.

When is an exam considered passed?

A non-graded or graded assessment (e.g. lab work, a written exam, or presentation, etc.) is considered successfully completed if the non-graded assessment has been assessed as a "pass" (bestanden) or the exam has been passed with a minimum grade of 4.0. Failed exams are graded with a 5.0. If an exam is withdrawn from without prior notice or a required assessment is not completed on time and without explanation, a grade of 5.0 will be awarded. (For details, see SPO General Section.)

How many times can an exam be repeated?

Special hardship regulations have been discontinued for bachelor's degree programmes, which means an exam or assessment may be repeated or resubmitted several times. However, both the prescribed length of the degree programme (i.e. the time allowed for the completion of basic studies and advanced studies) and the maximum limit of penalty (malus) points - for foundation studies, maximum 48 penalty points; for advanced studies, maximum 96 penalty points - must be considered. For every failed exam or assessment, penalty points are added to the penalty account. There are no longer any exceptions for hardship cases. (For details, see SPO General Section.)

Do I have to register for all exams myself at the start of the semester?

Reregistration for each taught semester (see SPO Special Section) automatically registers you for the relevant required courses for that semester as well as for any previous required or elective courses that have not been passed. You must register yourself at the Examinations Office for the following courses during the registration period:

  • Elective courses
  • Additional courses
  • Failed additional courses
  • Elective subjects taught in a more advanced semester (note: requires official approval)

Note 1: You must register for language courses in the Language Centre (following an assessment test) and in the Examinations Office.

Note 2: You are not allowed to take an exam for which you have not registered. In such cases, the grade achieved will not be recorded by the Examinations Office.

When are graded and non-graded assessments accredited?

Accreditation of graded (Prüfungsleistungen) and non-graded (Studienleistungen) assessments must be carried out within the first three weeks of starting a study programme. The completed form must be submitted by email within the required deadline to the Chairman of the Faculty Examination Committee. Further information can be found here. Please note that the form and information sheet are currently available in German only.

When can I register for courses?

You can only register for courses (electives, additional courses, etc.) at the Examinations Office during the registration period. The registration period usually starts after the third week of lectures.

Can I change my registration for elective courses?

You can, of course, register for more than the number of elective subjects specified in the Special Regulations of the SPO. However, remember that once you register for an elective course, it becomes a required course and must be passed. If students have completed more elective courses than required, they will be able to choose which of the elective courses should be taken into account or disregarded in the preparation of their degree certificate. Courses that are disregarded can simply be shown as "passed" rather than showing a specific grade.

Whom can I turn to if I feel I have been unfairly assessed?

Initially, please speak to the subject lecturer who has assessed the written test or other piece of work. Where the discussion fails to resolve the matter, you can contact the programme director. Should the situation still remain unresolved, you can submit an appeal to the Faculty Examination Committee (Fakultätsprüfungsausschuss). The application will be forwarded to the director of the Examinations Office only after all attempts at resolving the matter have failed to satisfy the student.

Do I have to take a resit exam with the same lecturer?

If a certain non-graded or graded assessment has been assessed as a "fail", you are automatically registered to take the resit exam in the following semester. The required work must then be completed with the lecturer who is teaching the subject that semester – there is no entitlement to undertake the work with a specific lecturer.

When will I be admitted to advanced studies?

The following regulations apply to admission to advanced studies:

  • Admission to advanced studies is automatic upon achieving 54 bonus points.
  • If you achieve 44-53 bonus points, you can apply to the dean of studies for admission to advanced studies. If you receive the dean's permission, you will be able to start advanced studies.
  • If you achieve 43 or fewer bonus points, you will not be able to start advanced studies and will therefore have to repeat a semester (take a so-called "B-semester"). However, you can still apply to the dean of studies to study certain advanced modules (totalling a maximum of 12 ECTS credits). If permission is granted, you must register for these courses at the Examinations Office during the registration period.
  • If at the end of the first or second semester of foundation studies you have accumulated 24 or more penalty points, you will need to attend an advisory meeting with the dean of studies.

You will receive written notification from the Examinations Office about points accumulated and your points record.

When and how can I apply for study leave?

The State Higher Education Act (LHG) § 61, para 1, regulates the granting of study leave: "Upon their request and provided there are important reasons, students may be released from the obligation of following the proper course of study (leave of absence). The period granted as leave should not normally exceed two semesters." Deviation from this time limit is only possible on substantial grounds (e.g. illness, consequences of an accident, etc.). 

The completed application form for study leave (Antrag auf Beurlaubung - currently available in German only) must be submitted to the Examinations Office no later than the end of the first week of lecutures. The course director has the final decision as to whether the application will be granted. (Please also note § 31 SPO General Section.)

What do I have to keep in mind regarding final thesis preparation?

First and foremost, you should observe your faculty's regulations regarding thesis preparation (Ordnung für Abschlussarbeiten - currently available in German only) as well as supplementary provisions (Ausführungsbestimmungen - currently available in German only). The completed thesis registration form (signed by the supervisor and the course director) must be submitted to the Faculty Office. The thesis itself must also be submitted to the Faculty Office by the relevant submission deadline.
Once your thesis has been submitted to the Faculty Office and you have passed all required modules and exams, you must deregister at the Examinations Office. You will also have to go through the final clearance procedure ("Entlastung") on Studi-Portal.

Is the Semester Ticket available in Furtwangen?

The Semester Ticket (public transport pass) which allows students discounted travel by rail and bus within the district is also available in the Schwarzwald-Baar district. Further information is available at the following link: www.v-s-b.de (information in German only).

Discount travel cards (Stammkarten) are only available on board the bus or from the Villingen-Schwenningen branch of the Verkehrsverbund Schwarzwald Baar (district transport services).

What is the Studi-Portal?

Studi-Portal is  an online portal for all Furtwangen University students. It offers the following features:

  • Re-registration for the next semester
  • change of postal address
  • print-out of grade sheet
  • confirmation of registration for exams / courses
  • print-out of current certificate of enrolment
  • downloadable forms and applications
  • study and examination regulations (SPO)

Studi-Portal can be accessed with your HFU account information.