Current Study and Examinations Regulations (SPO)

The SPOs are legally binding documents governing your studies. As such, the legally relevant version is ONLY the German one. For some few programmes, only an English SPO is in existance and for these, of course, the English version is the legally relevant one. To help international students understand these highly complex documents, we provide translations for the General SPOs (as opposed to the Special ones dealing with each individual study programme) for Bachelor and Master programmes respectively.

General SPO Bachelor

General SPO Master

Please note that these documents are NOT legally binding but meant merely as guidance and a help to understanding the German documents.

You can find more information about the SPOs,what they tell you and how and when they are relevant to your studies in our SPO Presentation slides which can be accessed (in English!) here.

For the Special SPOs for each study programme, please refer to the Download Area in the German section which offers you bilingual labeling.