Careers Perspectives

The need for consultants with this profile is extraordinarily high and continuously expanding. In Germany  there are currently about 11,000 consulting firms. Twenty of the major consulting firms alone employ more than 5,000 people. In addition, solution providers that market standard software or software packages require about the same number of staff. The need for qualified junior staff or even university graduates specialized in this sector cannot currently be met. Our Business Consulting programme enables our graduates to identify and fully grasp the opportunities that lie ahead, choosing from a variety of career paths in diverse areas ranging from management to information technology. As a Business Consulting graduate you will find a job in any business area or industry around the world.

Here just a few of the career paths open to you as future BCM graduate:

  • SAP Consultant
  • Business Process Consultant
  • Supply Chain Management Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Financial Advisor