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Furtwangen University
HFU Business School
Jakob-Kienzle-Straße 17
78054 VS-Schwenningen
phone +49 7720 307 4300
fax      +49 7720 307 4307
email   wirtschaft(at)

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Please note:

The Faculty Office will be closed from 07.08.2017 until 23.08.2017.

The deadline for personal submission of the thesis is 31.08.2017. The deadline for postal submission of the thesis is  31.08.2017 (date of postmark is valid).

Dekanat (faculty office, room F1.05)
Anne Münzer 

Opening Hours:
Mon, Tue, Wed 8.30 – 16.00h
Thu 8.00 – 10.00h
Fri 8.00 – 11.00h


First point of contact for international students is the International Student Support Co-Ordinator, Silke Mühlbach (room F2.13).

 Please approach the relevant dean of studies (Studiendekan) with any general academic questions.

Please find a list of all the faculty'sprofessors and staff, including contact informatione here. It is organised according to the different groups, professorslecturers with special responsibilities, honorary professors & teaching staff as well as staff and members of the Fachschaft Wirtschaft.