Tuition fees and other study costs

No tuition fees are charged for Bachelor courses and most Master's courses at state universities in Baden-Württemberg. Tuition fees are only charged for Master's degree courses which require several years of professional experience.

Therefore exchange and visiting students do not pay tuition fees and are only required to pay the student services fee of €47.

Cost of living

The average cost of living of around €550/mth for accommodation, food and medical insurance in the Furtwangen and Schwenningen region is much lower than in large university cities. However for visa purposes students have to submit proof of a monthly income of €720 for the duration of their stay.

The following will give you some idea of living costs:

ItemAverage Cost
Student halls of residence€250-300/mth
One-room apartment€280-350/mth
Medical insurance  €80/mth
Lunch in university dining hall €2.80
Glass of beer in a pub €3
Milk (1l) €0.70

Financing your studies

The financing of the semester abroad has to be planned very carefully in advance as opportunities for exchange students to supplement their income, for example to receive a scholarship, while studying in Germany are extremely limited.

In the following pages you can find information about scholarships and working in Germany.