Deutschland-Stipendien Go to HFU Students

Co-funding provided by alumni association and RENA

As of summer semester 2012, the first three Furtwangen University students begin to receive a Deutschlandstipendium. This funding programme was initiated by the German government to financially support particularly efficient students. Recipients receive a monthly stipend of 300 Euros for the minimum duration of one year. „The university can only award scholarships where we are able to attract half the scholarship sum, e.g. 150 Euro per month,  from third party donors, in particular companies“, explained the HFU’ head of administration, Mr Gerd Kusserow. Only then will this amount be doubled. 

The premiere of the Deutschlandstipendiums at HFU was made possible by International Business Alumni e.V., an organisation of graduates of Schwenningen HFU Business School, and RENA GmbH with headquarters in Gütenbach. „The university is grateful to both these organisations for their generous support“, emphasises Kusserow. „They offer highly motivated young people an immense support.“

The initial selection process awards funding to three students: one from the Business School, one from the faculty of mechanical and process engineering and one from the area of industrial technologies. The Deutschlandstipendium selection committee had no easy task. „We received a total of 70 applications from highly qualified, exceptional students “, reports Gerd Kusserow. „We evaluated in particular past performance such as the higher education entrance qualification or study grades but we also looked at an applicant’s involvement for example at the university, in a social context or in clubs and associations.“

In future, the scholarship will be awarded annually at the start of the winter semester. „We are very happy to have already received International Business Alumni’s confirmation for a further scholarship “, informs Kusserow. Anyone interested in making a scholarship possible, please contact Dr. Theophil Rieger (email: rte(at), phone: +49 7461 1502-6680) for additional information.  

„Entrepreneurs and companies can profit greatly from such a involvement“, Gerd Kusserow points out: “We are planning future events were companies can meet the best of the future HFU graduates – sought after professionals, after all – and where they may be able to get a commitment from them early on.“