FiPS Success Story

The National Ministry for Education and Research will continue to fund the Internationalisation of Universities project until the end of 2016 according to a recent press release from the University Rectors Conference (HRK). In the press release Furtwangen University is identified as one of the success stories of the national strategy. The Furtwangen Internship Placement Service (FiPS) was set up 10 years ago to organise internships for Canadian students in German companies in return for study places in Canada for HFU students.

Professor Dr. Rüdiger Kukral, the initiator of FiPS, is proud that HFU has gained national recognition as a role model. He likened it to the term "Furtwangen model" which ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder coined in his speech to the Berlin Science and Innovation Forum in 2005. Mr. Schröder praised the effectiveness of HFU's entrepreneurial spirit and close cooperation with local industry in combatting unemployment.

The FiPS programme benefits both local companies and future engineering graduates as it helps supply badly-needed engineers for local firms and provides our future engineering graduates with international experience and improved language skills.

Many prospective students select their university based on the opportunities and level of support for international internships and study. "This is something we do well, and as far as engineering courses are concerned, we are ahead of the competition," says the university's VP International, Michael Lederer proudly.

Both Professor Lederer and Professor Kukral are delighted with the way the project has run so far and thanked both the Baden-Württemberg Scholarship, which funds international exchanges, and the companies which have supported the project over the last few years. However to develop the FiPS project further, new companies willing to take on students from north America as interns are urgently needed.

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