LAMS Laboratory becomes HFU Research Institute

The Applied Mechatronics and Systems Design lab (LAMS) of Furtwangen University has two reasons to celebrate. For the last five years the lab has been successfully carrying out R&D on commercially-viable products. The Senate of Furtwangen University has now confirmed that it will officially become a research institute, one of only 10 at the university. On 19 October, 2016, during a meeting with their main transfer partner, the Kübler Group in Villingen-Schwenningen, the Director of the Institute, Professor Dr. Franz Aßbeck and his deputy Simon Grigull gave the guests an overview of the R&D projects which have been carried out so far.

Cutting edge research at the LAMS laboratory, which is generally funded by third party funding programmes, has been carried out in the fields of high frequency engineering, power electronics, drive engineering and systems for measurement and control. Two complex industrial plastics shaping machines have been developed and tested up to the series production prototype stage. We are currently developing plastics analysis equipment which gives a clear "fingerprint" for the identification of plastics. A power electronics system for the realization of highly dynamic electrical energy storage has also been successfully produced. Additionally during an investigation of the decentralized domestic ventilation systems on offer on the market, LAMS discovered serious technical defects. The results of these investigations are currently being published and an R&D joint project with the leading European company in this area is being set up. One European patent and several individual inventions have resulted from the work carried out at LAMS.