New Innovation and Research Centre for Tuttlingen Campus

Tuttlingens Mayor Michael Beck, Dean Professor Dr. Martin Heine (HFU) (from left) and Counsellor Stefan Bär (right) welcome Gerhard Hautmann (second from right) on the HFU Tuttlingen Campus.

A new Innovation and Research Centre (IFC)  is planned for 2018 as the latest addition to the Furtwangen University Campus in Tuttlingen. The centre will be used by both university academic and research staff and by local companies carrying out research in partnership with the university, as well as by smaller companies and start-ups. The cornerstone will be laid in March 2017 and the building should be completed in the spring of 2018. The four-storey building, which will house labs, offices and presentation rooms, will be built on the site of the former Katharinenheim. The new centre has been awarded federal and EU subsidies to the sum of €6.37m. The town and the region of Tuttlingen have contributed €2.1m each to the project.

It is an important milestone for the HFU Tuttlingen Campus which was founded in 2009, initially with an academic focus. With the addition of the Innovation and Research Centre, Furtwangen University can now fulfill its goal to provide research and transfer on the Tuttlingen Campus. "The outstanding support that HFU has received in Tuttlingen is unique," explained the mayor of Tuttlingen, Michael Beck. "With the IFC, Tuttlingen is developing into a research town. Now it's up to the university and industry to seize the opportunity for close cooperation."

The IFC will be headed up by the innovation manager Gerhard Hautmann who will concentrate on building networks between university and industry and defining the research projects which the IFC will undertake. The mechanical engineer and entrepreneur has worked in both Germany and in North America and has more than 10 years of experience working in the automobile industry.