New HFU e-carsharing project

A new environmentally friendly HFU e-carsharing project has just been launched making it possible for all students to get around, even if they don't own a car. From January 2017 students on the Schwenningen and Furtwangen campuses have the opportunity to rent electric cars when they need to be mobile. After initial registration, the car can be booked round the clock from a computer, mobile device or by phone. It is opened using the university keycard and charged upon return using the chip in the carkey.

To take advantage of the offer, students first have to register online on the my-e-car website. To be eligible for the university discount, when registering (at the "Arbeitgeber" stage) the HFU matriculation number (e.g. HFU-123456) must be entered. After registering online, the account must opened by the central registration office, located in the University Supplies Department (Magazin) on each campus.

  • Furtwangen: B1.01
  • Schwenningen: A0.13

A credit card is necessary to register and pay for the rental. Those who do not have a credit card can also register through Stadtmobil Südbaden.

The electric cars (Renault Zoes) are located in the courtyard of both campuses. The charging station for the car is also located here. Click here for further charging stations in the area.

Facts and figures:

  • Performance: 65 kW (88hp)
  • Top speed: 135 km/h
  • Maximum distance: 120 - 150 km

Rental Costs

The cost for carsharing through my-e-car are as follows:

Day:7.00am to 10.00pm - 1st hour = €3.00, thereafter 4 cents/min., 15 cents/km
10.00pm to 7.00am - 1st hour = €3.00, thereafter no charge for time, 15 cents/km

All prices include tax.

Further information can be found under: