Top rankings in International Student Barometer 2016

In the current "International Student Barometer 2016", our international students once again awarded Furtwangen University top grades as a place to study. HFU was ranked 5th among the 36 German universities which participated. HFU also gained excellent rankings among the 182 universities who took part worldwide.

International students at HFU are especially satisfied with the following: "Examinations Office" (2nd place in Germany and internationally), "Internationally-oriented lectures" (3rd place in Germany and internationally), "Tutoring within Buddy Programme" (3rd place in Germany and internationally).

For many international students the teaching and support services at HFU stand out compared to other German universities. They are especially satisfied with the following aspects of teaching at HFU: "Course Organisation (2nd place in Germany), "Quality of lectures" (3rd in Germany), "Learning support" (3rd place in Germany), and "Class size" (3rd place in Germany). In the categories of "Living" and "Support", the level of satisfaction was above the German average in the following areas: "Host friends" (2nd place) and "Bank account" (3rd place).

The "International Student Barometer" is the largest study of mobile students and PhD candidates worldwide, with over 150,000 students taking part in the survey. This is not the first time HFU has gained top results in the student Barometer. In 2011 student satisfaction was also very high in the areas of "Learning", "Quality of lectures", "Living", "Support", "Work experience" and "Preparation for the workplace".