First semester students welcomed at HFU

Welcome session in the auditorium on the Furtwangen Campus

Prize for Commitment to social responsibility ( Siegfried Fien (ASTA office), Alexander Scheurer, Karl Kleiser, Sarah Häfele, Jannis Breumann, Sandra Beuck, Marius Bacher, Prof. Dr. Heinz Sauerburger (Treasurer of Funding Association).

All freshmen students receive a green infobag from ASTA

Prof. Dr. Anton Karle talks about mobility

First semester welcome session on Schwenningen Campus

The Summer Semester began on Monday 13 March, 2017 at Furtwangen University and 643 new students started their course of studies - 511 Bachelor's degrees and 132 Master's degrees. On the Furtwangen Campus there are 391 freshmen, on the Schwenningen Campus, 194 and in Tuttlingen, 58. That makes approximately 6,400 students in total at present, slightly fewer than the 6,366 matriculated students a year ago.

The three study programmes with the highest number of applicants are International Business, Media Design and the brand new study programme, Business Management and Psychology.

Places still available
Some places are still being assigned which means that the final number of first semester students will increase slightly in the next few days. More information about places still available can be found here.

Business Management and Psychology
The new Business Management and Psychology programme offered at the HFU Business School in Schwenningen is a business studies degree with a focus on psychology which will be taught in English. It will prepare students for careers in Marketing, Human Resources and Finance. The new course has proved very popular, with the number of applications far exceeding the number of places available.

Prize for commitment to social causes
The Friends of Furtwangen University Funding Association awards graduates who have demonstrated commitment to social causes. The prizegiving takes place during the first semester welcome session. The following graduates were the winners on the Furtwangen Campus:

  • Marius Bacher, Computer Science (Master)
  • Sandra Beuck, Interactive Media Design (Master)
  • Jannis Breumann, Electronics and Technical Computer Science
  • Sarah Häfele, Computer Science in Media (Master)
  • Karl Kleiser, Electronics and Technical Computer Science
  • Alexander Scheurer, Computer Science in Media (Master)