Demo for Democracy in Furtwangen

"By putting on an event like this, Furtwangen University is an example to Freiburg," say Moritz Pohle and Markus Meyer of the citizens action group "Pulse of Europe" based in Freiburg. What he was talking about was the tent in the Furtwangen marketplace filled with students and local citizens who had gathered to "Stand up for Europe" as the demo called on them to do.

The demonstration was organized by the Student Parliament of Furtwangen University and supported by a number of local activists. The demo called for European ideals to be upheld in the face of Brexit and other anti-European sentiments. Seventy years of peace, unrestricted travel and almost no more passport controls - Europe and the EU have brought many advantages, stressed the speakers.

"A university without an international outlook is unthinkable," added Brigitte Minderlein, Director of the International Center at the university commenting on the 30-year history of the ERASMUS exchange programme. During this time over 3 million people have taken advantage of the programme to work or study in other countries. "A whole generation has grown up with their own personal experience of Europe."

The event on the Furtwangen marketplace also featured music from the university choir who sang the European hymn, "Ode to Joy".