Master's in Interdisciplinary Health Promotion

New flexible part-time programme in conjunction with Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg from winter semester 2017/18

Scientific training diagnostics in the lab, Photo: Alex Koch

Furtwangen University is offering a new option for all those who already have an undergraduate degree or training in the area of health promotion, prevention or rehabilitation who want to obtain a further qualification part-time. The Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Promotion will be offered in cooperation with the Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg from winter semester 2017/18. What makes the programme special is that students can take either individual teaching modules or complete a Master's degree. The speed and the intensity of the programme can be geared towards individual needs.

So what does the course cover? In movement-based paedagogical and therapeutic professions such as in healthcare and nursing, there is often a lack of research and transfer. The new course addresses this issue offering academic training on a practical basis. The modules on diet, movement, diagnostics in health promotion, management, health psychology and workplace health management offer interdisciplinary, scientifically based skills. For those who work in physiotherapy, the orthopaedic manual therapy (OMT) modules will be particularly important as these offer the opportunity to take the OMT exam and at the same time gain an academic degree. Teaching sessions at weekends, usually in Freiburg, but partly in Furtwangen, make this possible for those in full-time employment. Online self-learning phases, an important part of the programme, can be completed in any location. Marco Maier, a physiotherapist with a degree in sports sciences will be taking advantage of the new opportunity to gain a master's degree in his field.

Application deadline is 15 August.

Contact: Katharina Poggel, Tel. 0761 203-67459, and Karen Markowski, Tel. 07723 920-2676, info(at)