Tennessee River swim going well

Tennessee River with swimmer and escort boat, Photo: Betsy Bowden

Analytics: Prof. Dr. Andreas Fath and HFU student Juri Jander

The Chattanooga Open Water Swimmers accompany Andreas Fath for a few miles around Chattanooga

HFU chemistry professor Dr. Andreas Fath is swimming and testing the whole Tennessee River (USA). He has already made it through the first 11 days of his marathon swim. The river opens up regularly into lakes where there is almost no current. That means Professor Fath has to cover almost the whole distance under his own manpower.

In Chattanooga Andreas Fath held a speech in the Tennessee Aquarium on the topic of river water analysis. In the summer of 2014 he swam and tested the whole length of the Rhine for his Rheines Wasser project. Similar samples are now being taken from the American river which will be evaluated over the next few weeks and months.