Microfluid in vitro Modeling System for the Monitoring of intravascular Stages of Metastasis and Tumor Cell Extravasion from the Vascular System

In vitro modeling systems are preferred for use in research as the experimental environment and the testing paramaters are easier to control than in living organisms. The application of valid modeling systems can also reduce the number of tests on animals or even replace these completely.

In the MICROMET project an in vitro capillary system is currently being developed to monitor the behaviour of tumor cells within the artery and lymphatic systems, as well as their manner of spreading into neighbouring tissue dependent on cytokine gradients. An extremely important part of the model development is the replication of the capillary walls. To do so the artificial capillaries will be coated with proteins of the extracellular matrix and/or populated with endothelial cells from the lymphatic or vascular systems in order to make the simulation as realistic as possible. The behaviour of the tumour cells will be monitored and examined using fluorescence microscopy.

Project Partners

Furtwangen University
HSG-IMIT, Villingen-Schwenningen

Duration: 2013 – 2015, 24 months

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) through the "Alternativmethoden zum Tierversuch" initiative (FKZ 031A255A).


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