Nanotechnology based control of explosive, self organized exothermic material reactions for energy storage and release

In this project, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, examines the explosive nature of porous silicium (pSi). PSi is well-know for its special optical and electrical characteristics and is mainly used in micro and nanotechnology. The highly explosive nature of pSi was discovered accidentally in a laboratory experiment in 2002.

In this research a chip-based experimental set-up with microstructured porous silicium will be developed in order to investigate the explosive characteristics. This methodological approach offers numerous possibilities with regard to the geometry of the explosive layer and the material characteristics and thus allow a deep investigation into the explosive nature of pSi.

The project will also examine to what extent the energy released by the explosion can be used. One possible application could be as a microgenerator for mobile uses.

Duration: 2014 - 2015, 18 months

The project is funded by the "Experiment" funding initiative from the Volkswagen Foundation.


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