Innovative Electrodes and Processes for Micro-ECM

Coated tool-electrode with silicium workpiece (c) Photograph: Bernd Müller


The main aim of this project is the development of a new process of high-precision microstructuring of materials used in microsystems technology. In the project the microstructuring processes of electro-chemical machining (ECM) and electro-chemical anodization will be combined in order to produce precise 3D shaping. Inexpensive electrodes made of plastic will be used as tool-electrodes. These electrodes will be produced in a rapid-prototyping process and coated with metal. Secondary electrodes will be defined on silicium workpieces with the help of conductive and non-conductive masking in order to localize the structuring process. A commercially available anodization plant will be rebuilt for the process. An important aspect of the project is the FEM modelling of the ECM-ECA processes which will be developed.

The project will be funded through the ERA-NET programme of the European Commission and coordinated by Furtwangen University.

Project Partners

Furtwangen University (Germany, Project Coordinator)
Tula State University (Russia)
Nordwestschweiz University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
OOO “Novye Tehnologii” (Russia)
Advanced Micromachining Tools GmbH (Germany)

Project Leader
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mescheder


Alexey Ivanov
Faculty of Mechanical and Medical Engineering
Tel: +49 (0)7723 920-2103
Furtwangen, Room B 1.34
Email: iva(at)