Sub-project: Development and Validation of a miniaturized photonic Biosensor

Optical multilayers produced in the micro- and nano laboratory of the HFU.

Based on the new possibilities of miniaturization of optical components and systems, as part of the Photon joint project, photonic processes will be expanded in their metrologic dimensions in order to tap new areas of application.

In the "Biosensor" sub-project, an optical biosensor based on nano- and microtechnologies and the related evaluation process will be researched and developed. The measurement principle is based on the changing of the reflexion spectrum of multilayer interference layers while filling the porous layers with fluid analyt. Through the suitable choice of process parameters, the porosity and the pore size (in nm) and thus, the effective refractive index of the layer, can be adjusted so that matching ╬╗/4 layers are produced. In this way multiple layers with quite different optical characteristics can be realized with a simple wet-chemical process. Besides the optical function (interference), the quasi-dielectrical layers of porous silicium also bring about the immobilization and storage of bioactive sustances dissolved in fluids in the desorption layers.

In the project an inexpensive optical measurement system will be developed and produced. The functionality of the sensors and the evaluation process will be demonstrated with various hydrous and organic solutions.

Details and findings so far, can be found on the project fact sheet.

Project Partners

Furtwangen University (coordinator of sub-project)
ILM Ulm 
HS Aalen

Project leader
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mescheder

The project was funded from January 2008 until December 2012 through the ZAFH project, "PHOTONische Verfahren in neuen Dimensionen", by the Baden-W├╝rttemberg Foundation and partly by EFRE funds. Further information about the RWB-EFRE 2007-2013 programme can be found under and


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