The BarrFuS project aims to develop and implement a strategy to improve the activity and participation of older people in society through the removal of barriers to social inclusion. An integral part of the research will first be the mapping of existing barriers in Furtwangen, such as difficulties in going shopping, lack of lighting, signposting and lifts, inadequate places to sit down and rest, and tripping hazards. For the analysis and mapping of such barriers, all the citizens of Furtwangen and the town council itself will be actively involved (empowerment-oriented approach). In this way young people will be made aware of the problems and motivated to take part later in the implementation steps, and older people and those affected are granted the opportunity to have their say.

Besides an analysis of the current state of affairs, the removal of barriers to social inclusion strategy will also contain concrete guidelines on how to reduce these barriers. The individual steps to be taken and related measures will be prioritized according to the likelihood of being realized. Because the systematic analysis of the barriers in public areas will be carried out according to a specially developed assessment tool, the measures set out in the guidelines are transferable to other communities.

Project Partners

Furtwangen University
The town of Furtwangen
Sozialhelden e.V.

Duration: 05/2015 – 09/2016

The project is funded through the Robert Bosch Foundation within the scope of the innovation competition for better mobility in old age, "Small Steps - Great Effect".


Prof. Dr. Peter König
Faculty of Health, Safety, Society
07723 920 2955
Furtwangen Campus, Room O 0.05