Integrated care support in rural areas through technology-supported assistance and coordination

In the future the organisation and financing of care in the context of demographic change will become an urgent social and economic challenge. The lack of qualified personnel already makes adequate care of those in need more difficult, particularly in rural areas.

With Independent and Safe the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding a cooperative project based on new forms of Human-Technology interaction in which innovative systems and concepts for adequate care in rural areas will be developed and evaluated.

The partial aims of the HFU are in particular to examine networked IT systems for the communication and coordination of all those involved in care networks as well as to run the whole project on the scientific principles of social science. On a technical level Cloud-based web applications and mobile information services (apps) should be examined as a basis for the potentially integrated systems for the support of carers. On the level of social science research, the aim of the research, besides the general evaluation of the instruments and tools developed in the project from the perspective of those involved, is to emphasise social involvement in the provision of care in rural areas.

On a methodological level, the HFU will support the whole project with the systematic involvement of users in the development process (User-centered Design) and in the continuous evaluation of the project results.

Project partners

Gesundes Kinzigtal GmbH (project management)
Caritasverband Kinzigtal e.V.
Furtwangen University (scientific coordination)
Vitakt Hausnotruf GmbH
GS Electronic GmbH
Research Centre for Informatics Karlsruhe (FZI)
Vitapublic GmbH
Discovergy GmbH

3 years, 2013 - 2016

The project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Research within the framework of the "People-Technology-Interaction in Demograph Transition“ project.


Prof. Dr. Ing. Christophe Kunze
Professor of Assistive Technologies, Faculty of Health, Safety, Society
Director - Institute for Human and Technology Interaction (IMTT)
Contact - Centre for Applied Research Ambient Assisted Living (ZAFH AAL)
Tel: 07723 920-2583
Furtwangen Campus, Room O 0.04