Sustainability in your bag

©Mario Noack,

The aim of the project is to strengthen sustainable development in academic teaching, the transfer of knowledge about sustainability in universities and society and to support the networking of universities and regional partners.

The metaphor "Sustainability in your bag" is linked to the special geography and history of the HFU region.

Within the scope of the project, regional identification projects, involvement processes and opportunities, excursions and information events will be carried out, new sustainability degree programmes set up and various involvement concepts established, e.g. an internet-based HFU Sustainability navigator to link external and internal sustainability competences and needs.

Detailed information can be found under Sustainable Development.

The project is funded by the State of Baden-Württemberg. All research is carried out following scientific principles and evaluated by means of qualitative and quantitative surveys.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Selke
Vice Dean
Faculty of Health, Safety, Society
07723 920-2873
Furtwangen Campus, Room O 0.03

Dr. Michaela Hölz
Research Fellow for Sustainable Development
07723 920 2956
Furtwangen Campus, Room