English – Basic and Advanced levels

Basic English at levels 4, 5, and 6 provides subject-specific language instruction for students of computer science and technology. In the available courses (Computer Science 1-3 and Technology 1-3), English is taught with a focus on the relevant fields of expertise.
In addition, we offer a level 6 course in Business English. Participants require several years of previous English instruction and intermediate language skills.

Advanced English (level 7) lays the foundations for subject-specific communication skills in English.
The courses at this level – Business Communication 1 and Area & Culture Studies 1 in Furtwangen (FU) and Technology 4 in Villingen-Schwenningen (VS) – teach the foundations of the English language for business or technology and give an introduction to English-speaking countries.
Participation in courses at this level is conditional upon passing an assessment test or successfully completing level 6 with a grade of two or better.

English 4  Technology 1 or Computer Science 1
English 5  Technology 2 or Computer Science 2
English 6  Technology 3 or Computer Science 3
English 7  Business Communication 1
English 7  Area & Culture Studies 1
English 7  Technology 4 (VS only)

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English certificate course

The certificate course comprises eight hours per semester week (12 ECTS) and concludes with the award of a Certificate of Advanced Studies (Hochschulzertifikat) in English; the course aims to develop solid, subject-specific English-language communication skills.
The objective is to provide students with the ability to:

  • Communicate in normal, everyday work situations in a foreign language
  • Understand specialist literature, product information, and instruction manuals written in English and resolve any remaining questions
  • Communicate with colleagues in discussions about business-related or subject-specific issues

Participation in certificate courses is conditional upon successfully completing one advanced/level 7 English course (Business Communication 1, Area & Culture Studies 1, or Technology 4), passing an assessment test for level 7, or having proof of residence in an English-speaking country for no fewer than six months. 
The final grade of the certificate is calculated from the average grades awarded in two courses at both levels 8 and 9. 
Further information is available

  • On the noticeboard in the Faculty of Foreign Languages in Furtwangen (outside room B 1.23)
  • From the Language Centre office, room B 1.26, tel +49 (0)7723 920-2552

English 8  Business Communication 2 (two hrs/wk) – FU/VSEnglish 8  Area & Culture Studies 2 (two hrs/wk) – FUEnglish 8  Technology 5 (two hrs/wk) – VS

English 9  Intercultural English (2 SWS)
English 9  English for Special Purposes (2 SWS)

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