General Information

For international students, studying at a German University is far more attractive when the University offers high-quality courses in the German language at different levels and with specific contents. In addition to language instruction, GFL courses also seek to promote integration into the German study and work environment.

The Language Center (LC) of the HFU provides a wide range of GFL courses at various levels that cater to the needs of international students at the university, whether they are visiting students or post-graduate candidates. The levels offered are based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages.

Intensive German Courses

At the beginning of each term, two weeks before the start of lectures, the LC offers 9-day intensive German courses at two levels – one for beginners and one for students with prior knowledge of German. These courses aim to support students' introduction to their studies at the university by giving them the necessary language skills.

Working in close cooperation with the International Centre, the LC offers students language instruction as well as extensive information to help them cope with everyday life in Germany.

In order to help the students determine their level, they have to take a placement test before enrolling for the pre-semester intensive courses. This is in order to ensure that they attend the courses at a level that is optimal for them. Further information can be found under “Registration”.

Semester Courses

During the semester, international students can attend a wide range of GFL courses offered at both campuses of the HFU. The focus of the courses at the A1 to B1 levels is general language skills as well as for academic and study purposes. The higher levels – B2 and C1 – place a stronger emphasis on the skills needed for the working environment. All GFL courses comprise four hours per semester week.

In addition to these courses the LC - in cooperation with the HFU Akademie - also conducts a special preparatory course for the TestDaF exam. The TestDaF is a standardised test to measure the German language ability of non-native speakers who want to enrol for a course of study at a German university. The HFU is a TestDaF testing centre and the exam is conducted here twice a year, at the end of each term respectively.

Course Overview

DaF 1Pre-semester intensive courses at two levels: Beginners and Learners with prior knowledge.
DaF 2German for daily life and University 1 (A1)
DaF 3German for daily life and University 2 (A2)
DaF 4German for daily life and University 3 (B1)
DaF 5German for Work 1 (B2)
DaF 6German for Work 2 (C1)