General Questions

When do the language courses start?

  • The courses always start in the 2nd week of lectures.
  • Please note that you HAVE TO attend the first lecture of your registered course! Otherwise you will be taken off the list and your place will be given to another student.
  • If you can not attend the first lecture please inform your instructor in advance and ask for permission to stay in the course.

Can I participate in a course I've already taken previously?

  • No, this is only possible if you failed it the last time.

Can I drop out of a course completely?

  • Only if you haven't registered the course in the Examination Office yet.
  • The time period for registration usually starts in the third week of lectures.

Is the participation in the lectures mandatory?

  • You have to attend the first lecture of your registered course, or you will lose your place in the course otherwise.
  • You are allowed a maximum of three absences in the language courses: This includes absence due to sickness, other university events, personal reasons, etc. If you miss more than three lectures, you won't be allowed to take the exam and cannot pass the course.

Must / can / may / should I take a language course this semester? Will I get the ECTS points for the course?

  • These questions can't be answered by the Language Center.  Please consult your head of faculty and/or the Registrar's Office in time.

Questions about NEO

Error-Message during Login - How can I renew my registration?

I was registered in NEO in the Summer Semester 2015/last semester, but now I am getting the following error message during Login: "Your account has been archived; please contact your site administrator for assistance.”

  • Choose "Sign Up" not "Login"!
  • Enter the access code for your chosen course (which you can find in the download area as soon as the document is online) or, if needed, the code for the English Placement Test - Code: HMPE-CSSK
  • Enter relevant data. Your registation is now completed.

What am I supposed to do if my preferred course is already full?

  • Please search for another course and select that one.
  • If the situation arises that there is no other available course and you necessarily have to be enrolled in one this semester, please contact the Language Center immediately.
  • Please note that you can only take a course which is not full yet.

Is it possible to change the course after being registered to it?

  • Yes - till a certain date you can simply drop out of a course over the NEO platform.
  • After the registration period is over, dropping out of a course is only possible after consulting the Language Center directly. Please note that a change of course is only possible if the other one is not full yet.

I have another problem with NEO. What am I supposed to do?

  • Please write an E-Mail to mca(at) and describe your problem as accurately as possible. We will then try to help you at the earliest.