Furtwangen University is committed to implementing equal opportunities for all and to improving the reconciliation of work, studies and family. 

For HFU, the family is a social network that includes not only the traditional nuclear family but also, in particular, single mothers and fathers, unmarried and same-sex couples, "blended/patchwork families" (made up of two divorcees and their children), and foster families. Family means: a lifelong, cross-generational alliance of parents, children, and other relatives, characterised by a sense of responsibility for one another. 

Furtwangen University is dedicated to support and assist its staff and students enjoy full and equal participation in university activities and, simultaneously, achieve a successful balance between family/private life and day-to-day work and study. 

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For questions and suggestions, please contact: 

Katherina Kirschbaum

Dipl. Sozialwiss. Katharina Kirschbaum

Gender and Equality Coordinator
Furtwangen campus , Room I 2.22

07723 920-2937