Family-Friendly University Audit

The Family-Friendly University Audit is a management tool that is used to continuously improve the balance between study, work, and family. The audit was initiated by the charitable Hertie Foundation. Intended to improve the university's culture of awareness of family issues for students, staff, and academics, the audit seeks to create an attractive environment on campus for all. The audit aims to implement and document the measures required to achieve these objectives. Among the existing measures are family-friendly scheduling by the university and close cooperative arrangements with childcare facilities. 

HFU was certified as a family-friendly university in 2008. Following its successful reaudit in 2011, the university is entitled to continue to call itself a family-friendly university until December 2014. For both phases in the process, workshops were held to define objectives and measures that would drive HFU towards its goal of creating family-friendly conditions for staff and students. An annual report provides information about HFU's position and describes the progress that has been made.