Dual-career couples: combining career and family

The term "dual-career couples" refers to couples in which both partners are pursuing a career but wish to combine their work with a relationship or family. HFU wants to support applicants and their partners in such situations. We are interested not only in ensuring that the university applicant is able to develop professionally, but in helping both partners to secure career opportunities within the region.

In order to support dual-career couples, it is essential to have a good network of connections to businesses and institutions – i.e. to potential employers in the region. Such a network is intended not to function as an internal recruitment agency, but rather to provide candidates with specific job and business contacts.

Oberrhein Dual-Career Network

HFU has made an important step toward supporting dual-career couples by establishing and participating in the Oberrhein Dual-Career Network. The network was founded in spring 2010 in cooperation with universities and institutions in the greater Oberrhein region, including the University of Freiburg.

In a joint statement, the participating institutions defined the objectives of the network. Now they intend to expand, interlink, and consolidate the contacts within the network.

Further information is available here (content in German only).