An entire university’s competence and experience at your fingertips. HFU Akademie offers a wide variety of executive learning services, including seminars, workshops, executive training and blended-learning options. We support you in making your educational ideas and plans become reality.

The HFU Akademie’s portfolio is tailored first and foremost to those with a previous degree or equivalent qualification. HFU Akademie offers further education programs for:

  • Staff and management
  • Young professionals, professionals and those returning to the workforce
  • Individual clients and companies
  • Regional clients
  • Online students around the world.

Content with practical relevance 
The content of our portfolio is closely related to Furtwangen University's academic curriculum and is bound to the rigorous quality standards of academic teaching.

Currently most of our clients require seminars and workshops taught in German, however courses can also be provided in English if required.