“Business Talks” is what we are about. As a multicultural, English-speaking student organization on the HFU Schwenningen Campus, each year we organize English lectures by successful business professionals and former graduates as part of Campus Day, a careers day held in cooperation with the Faculties of Mechanical and Medical Engineering (MME) and Medical and Life Sciences (MLS). The events we organize at Campus Day aim to bridge the gap between HFU Business School students and prospective employers, in line with our slogan, “Together we shape our future”.

Campus Day 2017

The 6th Campus Day, with the theme “The real stories behind business”, was a complete success thanks to the successful cooperation between MLS, MME and the student organization Business Talks. The event was opened on Tuesday evening by Thomas Ehrl from ThyssenKrupp elevators who compared students in his talk to James Bond, although rather than hunting down criminals, they are hunting for the right job.

 Despite the snow on the ground when Campus Day opened on Wednesday, many students came to talk with companies and attend workshops. The English workshops organized by Business Talks were all well-attended. Former graduate Jascha Schlimm, now working for PwC, started off the event by putting students’ knowledge of Risk Management into a real-life context, while Christiane Franke from HP gave insights into large-scale Change Management.

 After the break a workshop was held on Expectation Management – what career entrants can really expect - an especially valuable topic for students. At the same time, a fascinating panel discussion on “Women at Work – Levelling the Playing Field for Women in Business” took place with guests, Pia Speck, Sandra Klafky-Winter, Gerlinde Weiglein, Roxana Hughes, and Dr. Johannes K. Mühl as the only male. Moderated by Business Talks member, Marleen Dibon, the panelists shared some very personal insights and gave practical advice. Discussion topics included the concept of managing the family as an economic unit or going full speed at ones career before starting a family.

 The final lecture slot was filled by two future-oriented presentations. Nico Sopp from GlobalFlow GmbH talked about Resource Scarcity and the new business opportunities resulting from this, while Christoph Kayser from TLGG GmbH in Berlin, one of the hidden champions of digitalization, shared real-life experience in the Organization and Leadership of Companies making a Production to System-based Transformation.

The highlight of the day was the “HFU Star Panel” with Aelxandra Rombach, Julia Popsa, Dr. Johannes K. Mühl, Marc Bastian-Brezinka and Philipp Harder. Business Talks member Facundo Gonzalez moderated 90 minutes of panel discussion with five HFU Business School graduates who have now been working for several years and who all have international experience. In their answers they reflected upon their time at HFU and gave valuable career hints. At the end of the day, some lucky students were able to take home vouchers for online shopping and even a skydiving event from the tombola draw.

We are looking forward to next year’s Campus Day together with you.

The Business Talks booth
Jascha Schlimm, PwC
Marleen Dibon with her 5 panelists on the Women’s Panel (left to right: Gerlinde Weiglein, Roxana Hughes, Dr. Johannes K. Mühl, Pia Speck, Sandra Klafky-Winter)
Christoph Kayser, TLGG
Champagne reception
The participants of the HFU Star Panel plus Prof. Hale and the moderator, Facundo Gonzalez (left to right: Facundo Gonzalez, Dr. Johannes K. Mühl, Julia Popsa, Prof. Hale, Philipp Harder, Alexandra Rombach, Marc Bastian-Brezinka)