With our modern Usability labs, our interdisciplinary team and our many years of experience in the area of usability, usability testing and optimization, we can check a wide variety of different products for their usability.

  • Information products / information accompanying products
    Operating and instruction manuals, assembly instructions, service documentation and product catalogues, etc. – always the interaction of product and technology.
  • User Interfaces (UI) / Graphic user surfaces (GUI)
    Software and web applications for PCs, mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Devices with a user surface, such as navigation systems, infrared cameras, fully automatic coffee machines, computerized sewing and embroidery machines, and so on.
  • E-Business applications and websites
    Interactive websites for PCs and mobile devices, such as online shops, online catalogues and portals.

Seminars & Workshops

1. Usability Engineering Basic Course
How do you develop products which are operated intuitively? How do you test the usability of products and the technical information and how does a usability test work in practice? In our compact course and workshops we introduce you to the basic ideas of usability and usability testing  using many real-life examples.


  • Usability Engineering: definition and overview usability basic know-how
  • Applied usability testing in usability lab
  • Usability analysis, evaluation and optimization

What's in it for you?

  • You can get an idea of the value of and the opportunities offered by usability tests for your own products.
  • You learn modern methods of usability engineering and evaluate what would be the most effective method to use in your own situation.
  • You are introduced to usability standards.
  • You learn the procedures used in usability tests, can analyse the data produced and use this to make suggestions for improvement.
  • You will be able to carry out a simple usability test yourself.

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2. Advanced Courses and In-house Workshops
Do you have any special questions regarding the usability of your products or groups of products? Would you like to have some of your employees trained in the area of usability? We can organize in-house, customized courses or workshops especially for you. Just get in touch with us!

Course/Workshop dates by arrangement!

Usability Labs and technical equipment

Stationary Usability Lab

In the stationary usability lab we do tests on transportable products. Here test persons are observed as they carry out tasks on the products being tested. In this way we gain information about how the product is used and discover usability weaknesses. The HFU stationary usability lab at the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering consists of a test room and an observation room.

Mobile Usability Lab I

Often valid results can only be obtained if the product is used in its normal environment. In these cases we use a mobile usability lab which can be easily and flexibly set up on-site.

Mobile Usability Lab II

With this mobile usability lab special software and web applications, as well as smartphones and tablets can be tested. It is also suitable for remote usability tests. A special feature of this lab is the ability to record various data sources simultaneously.

Stationary Eye-Tracker

Eye Tracking is a procedure which shows the amount of attention paid to certain areas of the monitor. The Eye-Tracker measures to the exact milli-second, when, for how long and in what order the test person watches a certain area of the monitor and, for example, whether they read or only scan for certain words.

Mobile Eye-Tracking Glasses

Our mobile Tobii Eye-Tracking glasses make it possible for us to carry out usability tests in a real environment. The glasses record what the test person sees and which element in their environment or on the product attracts their attention. Using the recordings from the perspective of the test person we can analyse and understand how the user is aware of his environment and how he works with the product.