Since 2002, Furtwangen University has been offering the so-called cooperative trainee programme together with both regional and national companies. It involves over 150 trainee positions in over 45 different companies. The combination of this programme with their practice-oriented degree programme, means that the students, or trainees, receive the ideal training for the future workplace. They not only gain additional technical expertise and hands-on experience, they also receive an income during the entire training period of €750.00 per month which ensures financial security and independence.

The partner companies involved have an excellent opportunity to recruit skilled staff and to prepare them for the responsibilities and challenges they will face later in the company. In addition, the programme increases cooperation between businesses and the university and experience and knowledge exchange is improved.

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Programme Details

The programme is open to all university applicants and Bachelor students in the first and second semesters.

M Programme: takes place during the 5-semester advanced period of studies, beginning in the 3rd semester. Trainees carry out both their internship (in the 5th semester) and their thesis work (usually in the 7th semester) in the company. In addition they are actively involved in the semester breaks for a total of 16 weeks in various company projects, thus gaining valuable additional practical experience.

L Programme: takes place throughout the complete 7-semester study programme, plus one additional semester. In addition to the internship semester and the thesis work, as in the "M" programme above, the trainees work during the semester holidays for a total of 46 weeks in different departments and on various projects. Additionally, after the 2nd semester, they voluntarily complete a further paid practical semester (which the university counts as an holiday semester.)

As a rule of thumb: one semester of financial support requires 10 weeks of full-time work in the company.


The general requirements of students are as follows:

  • Committment and high performance
  • High motivation and enthusiasm
  • Initiative, ability to work independently and sense of responsibility
  • Strong communications and teamworking skills and flexibility

Individual partner companies may have additional company-specific requirements.


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