Outstanding results in ZEIT University League Tables, May 2017

In the ZEIT University Performance Tables issued on 9 May, 2017, Furtwangen University has once again been awarded excellent grades. All three HFU faculties evaluated in the current rankings - the HFU Business School, the Faculty of Business Information Systems and the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering - cemented their position in the elite group in the German-speaking region with their "green" points. "Green" is the highest ranking, followed by yellow and then blue. The performance tables are compiled by the Centre for University Development (CHE) from the results of the thousands of questionnaires sent out to students and professors. And what makes us very proud, is that this time round our faculties did even better in some of the performance indicator categories, than in the last rankings three years ago.

The degree programmes we offer at the HFU Business School on the Schwenningen campus were highly recommended by the participants of the survey, so we can rightly claim to be one of the best Business Schools at a university of applied sciences in Germany. Student satisfaction with HFU business courses is extremely high, with top grades awarded across the board - from the courses and exchange semesters offered, to workplace relevance, and academic support available. Resources such as IT facilities, lecture rooms and the library were also rated highly by the students. All of the business courses offered at the HFU Business School are taught either partially or completely in English.

The Faculty of Business Information Systems also performed well. Students rated the all-round study experience, as well as the academic support and relevance to practice and the workplace, as outstanding. The faculty is regarded as one of the best in the country. The Business Consulting Masters programme is taught in English.

The Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering boasts the best results of all. In the ZEIT study guide it was given "green" grades across the board - making it one of the top four in the whole of Germany. Student assessments of the all-round study experience, academic support, courses offered, teaching, international orientation and workplace orientation, were all top notch.

"We are delighted with these excellent results," said Prof. Dr. Rolf Schofer, the President of the university. "We are especially happy that all three of our faculties which were ranked this time round, made it into the top group. And there's no shortage of competition! This year's excellent results underline our commitment to offering study programmes customized to the demands of the working world."

Further information
The CHE university ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking region. More than 300 universities and universities of applied science are surveyed. Besides looking at performance indicators related to study programmes, teaching, resources and research, the ranking also includes evaluations by students on the all-round study experience at their university. Every year a third of the courses are newly evaluated - in 2017 those were: business; law; social work; economics; business information systems; business administration and engineering; business law and business sciences. Of these, Furtwangen University offers business on the Schwenningen Campus, and Business Information Systems and Business Administration and Engineering on the Furtwangen Campus.

German HR managers rate HFU Faculty of Computer Science top

In the "Wirtschaftswoche" university rankings for 2016, the Faculty of Computer Science at Furtwangen University has once again been awarded top marks by Human Resource managers in German companies. HR executives evaluated German universities on the basis of practical application of academic programmes, and already here the Faculty of Computer Science made it into the top 10. With this outstanding placing the Faculty has confirmed its excellent reputation. It has consistently landed in the top 10 of the Wirtschaftswoche rankings in previous years. Participants were asked which universities prepared students optimally for the needs of businesses. The answer was - those which focus on IT and which offer a broad variety of courses qualify students best for their start in the workplace. Besides a good grounding in practical experience the HR managers also place a great deal of importance on the character of the applicants.

For the ranking, 540 personnel staff from small, medium and large businesses were asked to take part. The experts selected from a list of all universities, the institutions whose graduates best meet their expectations. Their opinions confirm the first rate work of the Faculty of Computer Science at HFU.


The Faculty of Computer Science has been offering degree programmes at the university campus in Furtwangen for over 40 years. The courses integrate current technological and societal needs into lectures, focusing on such topics as the "smart home" in a specially-built lab, or the hacking and security of computer networks. The faculty offers 2 Bachelor's and 2 Master's degree programmes. Application deadline for the winter semester is 15 July.

International Student Barometer 2016

In the current "International Student Barometer 2016", our international students once again awarded Furtwangen University top grades as a place to study. HFU was ranked 5th among the 36 German universities which participated. HFU also gained excellent rankings among the 182 universities who took part worldwide.

International students at HFU are especially satisfied with the following: "Examinations Office" (2nd place in Germany and internationally), "Internationally-oriented lectures" (3rd place in Germany and internationally), "Tutoring within Buddy Programme" (3rd place in Germany and internationally).

For many international students the teaching and support services at HFU stand out compared to other German universities. They are especially satisfied with the following aspects of teaching at HFU: "Course Organisation (2nd place in Germany), "Quality of lectures" (3rd in Germany), "Learning support" (3rd place in Germany), and "Class size" (3rd place in Germany). In the categories of "Living" and "Support", the level of satisfaction was above the German average in the following areas: "Host friends" (2nd place) and "Bank account" (3rd place).

The "International Student Barometer" is the largest study of mobile students and PhD candidates worldwide, with over 150,000 students taking part in the survey. This is not the first time HFU has gained top results in the student Barometer. In 2011 student satisfaction was also very high in the areas of "Learning", "Quality of lectures", "Living", "Support", "Work experience" and "Preparation for the workplace".

Top Rankings for Tuttlingen Engineering Courses in ZEIT 2016/17 Study Guide

The engineering courses at Furtwangen University (HFU) achieved excellent results in the Center for University Development (CHE) university rankings published in the ZEIT Study Guide 2016/17 on 3 May 2016.

The "Industrial Materials Engineering" and "Industrial Automation and Mechatronics" programmes offered on the Tuttlingen campus in the Faculty of  Industrial Technologies, were in the leading group of all courses on offer in the German-speaking countries. In the categories of "support during studies", "library facilities", "IT facilities" and "lab equipment", the Tuttlingen students gave top marks, resulting in the position among the leaders in the rankings. Good grades were also awarded for variety of courses, teacher supervision and workplace relevance.

The CHE University Ranking is the largest and most-detailed ranking in the German-speaking region. Over 400 universities and universities of applied sciences with around 9,500 programmes are tested. Each year a third of all subjects are newly evaluated. Traditionally HFU does very well in the rankings. In 2015, the Faculty of Computer Science did extremely well and in 2014 the HFU Business School and the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering were also among the leaders.


Three in a row! Top 4 star rankings for HFU Libraries in 2015 BIX index for 3rd time

In the 2015 BIX library index, the Furtwangen University Libraries have once again achieved the best 4 star ranking - and that's now the third time in a row. The rankings of the best libraries in Germany are compiled every year by the German Library Association. The BIX rankings this year compares 64 academic and 145 public libraries. The HFU libraries have retained the top 4 star grading which they also gained in 2014 and 2013.

In the Germany-wide comparison of Universities of Applied Sciences, only 3 other libraries also gained the top 4 star rating -  HTWG Konstanz, the University of Reutlingen and the University of Neubrandenburg. "We're delighted to have landed in the top group again for the third time," says Prof. Dr. Ullrich Dittler, the academic head of the HFU Libraries. "As a university library on 3 different campuses, we focus strongly on offering a wide range of electronic books, magazines and databanks - and an outstanding advisory service."

"Since the 90s our long-term strategy has been to focus on electronic media and all-round consultation," explains Peter Daub, the Head of the Libraries. "The BIX award shows that our vision was the right one and that our service portfolio is keeping up with the times."

Currently the HFU Libraries have over 90,000 German and English  e-books and around 65,000 print media. "We are expanding our portfolio of electronic media. We now have almost 15% more than last year,", says Peter Daub. In the next few years we will be focusing on offering customized advice to library users and making users more aware of the broad range of services we offer.

New International Management Programme excels in 2014 "Zeit" Rankings

In the latest master's degree programmes rankings in the "Zeit Campus" magazine, Furtwangen University has once again been awarded top grades. The relatively new master's programme, "International Management", has landed in the top category the very first time it has been evaluated. The programme, offered by the HFU Business School on Schwenningen Campus, began in autumn 2012. It is taught completely in English and as a result attracts students from around the world. Applicants for the programme far exceed the number of places available. "These outstanding rankings will mean even more competition for places in the future," says Wolf-Dietrich Schneider, Dean of the Business School.

Green ratings mean "International Management“ belongs to the top group of master's business programmes in the rankings published on 2 December 2014. The rankings award three colour categories: green is the top category, yellow the middle category and blue the final category. The ranking, carried out by the Centre for University Development (CHE) between October 2013 and April 2014, surveyed 7,800 students. The online questionnaire evaluates various aspects of the programme of study and the teaching. It also takes the teaching and computer facilities, as well as the library facilities into consideration.

The CHE Ranking tests consecutive postgraduate business degree programmes in both universities and universites of applied sciences across Germany and Austria. These are master's programmes that can be taken immediately following on from a bachelor's degree.

The ranking does not compile a numbered list of the top schools, as there are no "best" universities. Depending on the criteria looked at, different universities are top. However, the green award is clear — the International Management Master of Science degree is one of the very best.

"Zeit Campus“ magazine is available in all newagents. Detailed ranking results can be found on the internet under ranking.zeit.de.

Excellent rankings for Computer Science in 2015 CHE Ranking

In the latest CHE university rankings the Faculty of Computer Science at Furtwangen University (HFU) has once again been awarded excellent scores. The rankings, which appeared on 5 May 2015 in the ZEIT Study Guide 2015/16, are produced by the Centre for University Development (CHE).

The Furtwangen Faculty of Computer Science lies in the top group of all computer science courses in the German-speaking region in the categories of "Practical orientation", "Ease of entry into programme" and "Ability to complete degree within  standard duration".  In the sections of "General study environment", "Support from teaching staff" and "International orientation" the faculty also gained good evaluations. The Furtwangen students also rated the IT infrastructure as very good.

The CHE university rankings, the largest and most-detailed university league table in the German-speaking region, is compiled from data collected from over 300 universities and universities of applied sciences. Every year a third of the study programmes are newly-evaluated. This year the subjects of mathematics, computer science, physics, pharmacy, geography, earth sciences, sports studies, political science, medicine and dentistry were tested at the universities. Of the subjects offered by universities of applied sciences, only computer science and nursing sciences were tested and of these two, HFU offers only computer science.

HFU traditionally does extremely well in the CHE rankings. In the CHE ranking in 2012, the Faculty of Computer Science was awarded outstanding evaluations. Of the 99 computer science specialist programmes evaluated, 15 made it into the top group offering excellence in teaching, among them the Faculty of Computer Science at Furtwangen University.

In 2014 our HFU Business School and Faculty of Business Information Systems were also among the leaders.


Top CHE Rankings for HFU Faculties in 2014

Furtwangen University gets the green light!

In the new university rankings published in the Zeit newspaper on 6 May, 2014, Furtwangen University has once again been given top ratings. The HFU Business School and the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering lead the way with "green lights" in all categories tested.  "Green" means that they belong to the 6 best universities in the test.

The Centre for University Development (CHE) which produces the rankings, collects and evaluates data from thousands of questionnaires completed by students and professors in over 300 universities throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

According to the results published in the Zeit, the HFU Business School on the Schwenningen campus is one of the 6 best business schools in the German-speaking area. Respondents praised the general study environment, academic provision, teaching support, the international orientation and the hands-on focus of the business programmes.

Equally outstanding are the results for the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering on the Furtwangen campus which was also awarded "green" across the board.

Other faculties were also given the green light in different categories. The Faculty of Business Information Systems in Furtwangen gained top ratings in the category of general study environment, academic provision, teaching support, variety of courses and the strong practical orientation of the courses. The Faculty of Digital Media also in Furtwangen made it into the top group of universities in the categories of general study environment and teaching support.

"We are delighted with the results," said Dr. Rolf Schofer, the President of the university.  "This shows that our strategy of offering degree programmes geared towards the demands of the working world is definitely working".

The CHE university rankings is the largest and most-detailed university league table in the German-speaking region. Besides information about degree programmes, teaching, facilities and research, the ranking also includes student evaluations of the study environment of the university.

Every year a third of the study programmes are newly-evaluated. This year it was the turn of the business sciences, economics, business studies, law, social work, media and communications, business information systems, business administration and engineering, and business law.

Bartholdi Prize for Information Communications Systems programme

Klaus Riemenschneider, President of the Bartholdi Scholarship and President of the Administrative Council of Endress + Hauser, presents the Deans of the study programme, Alain Dieterlen, Martin Meyer and Jamel Hamouda with the Bartholdi Prize.

On Friday 8 November, 2013 the trinational degree programme "Information Communication Systems“ (ICS), offered jointly by Furtwangen University, Université de Haute Alsace and the University of North-west Switzerland (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz), received the Prix Bartholdi. This prestigious award is named after Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi the famous sculptor from Colmar who designed the Statue of Liberty in New York harbour. The award recognises the efforts of the three universities in creating technical degree programmes which promote cross-border social skills and foreign languages. The Head of Administration at Furtwangen University and the dean of the Furtwangen programme, Prof. Dr. Robert Hönl were present to accept the award.

Initiated in 2001, it is the only cross-border university award at this time. It can be presented to both individuals and institutions. In the past, well-known politicians Wolfgang Schäuble and Lothar Späth received the award for their efforts in encouraging cooperation between universities in the upper Rhine area and the internationalisation process.

In his speech, Pierre Fechting, a graduate of the trinational ICS degree programme, pointed out what makes the course Unique. The challenge is to adjust to the student life and educational system in three different universities, as one year is spent studying in each location. What students gain at the end are three separate degrees - one from each of the three countries, Germany, France and Switzerland.

"Excellent job opportunities in each of the three countries are the result", says Fechting. "It also opens the door for further education and work outside Europe, as shown by the  careers of various past graduates." In his thank you speech Martin Meyer, the head of the programme in Switzerland, stated that its outstanding feature is the social and intercultural skills which graduates of the trinational programme gain. "Students can study technology at any of the three locations. The added value comes from the experience of dealing with other cultures on a daily basis," said Mr. Meyer. Prof. Dr. Jamel Hamouda of Furtwangen University thanked his colleagues Robert Hönl and Reiner Schmid, who were instrumental in designing and implementing the programme.

2013 CHE Ranking praises practicality of HFU programmes

In the CHE (Centre for University Development) Ranking for Engineering Sciences issued in May 2013, Furtwangen University was praised for the high level of practicality of its programmes and for the outstanding level of support it offers students. In the "Bachelor Practicality Check" test, the degree programmes offered on our Tuttlingen Campus gained maximum points. The test evaluates how closely related the skills taught on the course are, to those required in practice. The laboratory facilities were also highly-praised, receiving a top grading of 1.2.

On the Schwenningen Campus, the Bio and Process Engineering degree programme was high in the league tables for student support and course duration. The two degree programmes Medical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, were again among the forerunners in the Bachelor Practicality Check category.

The CHE examined more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands for its latest rankings. Every year a third of the courses are newly evaluated.