G Building, Home of the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering

Welcome to the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering

The Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering provides entry to one of the most forward-looking and successful fields in the market. Since its foundation in 1982, the faculty has grown steadily, becoming well-established and well-known for innovation. With our interdisciplinary focus: the integration of technology, business and communication skills, we provide a holistic view of engineering, management and client-oriented communication.

Our degree programmes link three important subject areas:

  • engineering and natural sciences
  • economics and business administration
  • information management, interdisciplinary subjects and foreign languages

Students in the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering acquire an understanding and command of product processes within businesses.

At the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering, more than 600 students acquire expertise widely-recognised for its marketability. They receive support from 21 professors, experienced lecturers, and qualified academic staff. Therefore, our interdisciplinary faculty is not only one of the most successful educational institutions for engineers and product engineers, but also one of the most well-respected, as confirmed by rankings and feedback from industry and service providers.

Your objectives are our objectives
The Faculty of
 Business Administration and Engineering provides a well-founded and practical degree programme with excellent teaching and individual guidance – enabling you to complete your studies successfully and preparing you to enter launch a fulfilling professional career. A practical internship and a study semester abroad help to expand horizons. Our faculty has strong international partnerships with universities and companies, providing excellent opportunities to prepare for the challenges of the future.

I invite you now to take a closer look at what the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering has to offer.

Prof. Robert Schäflein-Armbruster
Dean of the Faculty of
Business Administration and Engineering

Our degree programmes

We offer three bachelor's programmes and two master's programme. Each of the three bachelor's programmes focuses on a particular phase of a product's lifecycle.

  1. The Product Engineering degree programme deepens students' understanding of product development, product management, and technology management within the production process.
  2. The Sales and Marketing degree programme transmits knowledge about everything from evaluating a product idea to marketing the final product.
  3. The Service Management degree programme focuses on the production process in the areas of technical customer service, diagnostics technology, and customer communication, in preparation for management roles in customer service.
  4. The Sales & Service Engineering master's programme relays in-depth management knowledge, focusing on the practical implementation of this knowledge and on making education and training more international.
  5. Graduates of theProduct Innovation master's programme implement the latest product innovation technologies and methods, coordinating innovation processes in the fields of product planning, development or production.

Further Information

As all students in our degree programmes must be fluent in German, further more detailed information on our programmes can be found in German here.