Central role in complex IT systems development

In modern software development, the future-proof development of complex IT systems relies on the overall architecture of the applications and business information systems. Like the classical architect in construction, an application architect takes on a central role in the planning, design, implementation and deployment of enterprise-wide IT Systems and applications. The Application Architect develops a holistic IT or application structure  which is refined and implemented by others  and supervises the technical implementation. This requires a sound knowledge of current business application architectures and implementation technologies. At the same time, the architect is also the interface to the clients and future users whose requirements need to be taken into account.

Application architects must have a high level of systematic thinking and be able to integrate theoretical approaches and current technical solutions flexibly into projects. The work of a software and systems architect requires constant professional development and analysis of new approaches to problem-solving with regard to their suitability for solving both present and future contextual problems.

The Business Application Architectures master’s degree programme is tailored to fulfil business demand for software and systems architects. It provides specialised technical and business administration skills related to the design, construction, and deployment of modern technologies and architectures. Core competencies in the fields of software, systems and business are acquired during two theoretical semesters and one thesis semester.

Quick Information

Degree awarded Master of Science (MSc)
Undergraduate / postgraduate degree postgraduate
Duration of programme 3 semesters (incl. 1 thesis semester)
Delivery full-time
Campus Furtwangen
Programme begin summer semester (March) and winter semester (October)
Application deadline(s) 15 January & 15 July
Restricted intake 50% of places available allocated to applicants with German degrees/50% to applicants with foreign degrees/remaining places allocated to suitably-qualified applicants
Language of instruction German 80% / English 20%
Academic entry requirements bachelor's degree in computer science, computer science in media, business information systems or related discipline
Language requirements excellent German and English skills
Pre-sessional or foundation course requirement none
Additional requirements none
Tuition fees none
Programme accreditation ACQUIN accredited
Contact SDek-AAM@hs-furtwangen.de

Programme Content

Business Information Systems that can take on standard tasks serve as the basis of application architectures. Such systems, particularly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP, e.g. SAP R/3), Business Intelligence, Logistics, middleware concepts, transaction systems and workflow systems, play an important role in software architecture.

Building on basic knowledge of software engineering and technical system structures, students learn how to design complex business applications. The emphasis is on the structural aspects of systems design and coupling, including architectural patterns, reference architectures, and concepts for data exchanges between systems, with the aim of designing and developing scalable and robust business applications.

Application architects also serve as the link between clients’ requirements and the technical implementation of those ideas. Architects, therefore, need management and social skills in addition to their technical expertise. They must also be able to procure new projects and suggest models for project pricing. It is important for applications architects to be aware of current business trends, as they need to reflect these in their applications. Current trends covered include customer relationship management, supply chain management, eMarketplaces, and knowledge management.

Career prospects

There is ever more demand for specialists with a broad, well-founded theoretical and practical knowledge of current technical approaches.The application architect plays a crucial role in mid-sized and large industrial projects. As there is currently a dearth of suitably-trained graduates on the market who can take on the demanding and complex responsibility of an architect, career prospects are very attractive.

As a graduate of the Business Application Architectures Master's programme, you will be able to work as an architect in software and systems design, development and operations. As a junior architect you will be able to design applications of moderate complexity or work with senior architects to develop large-scale systems. With several years of professional experience, you will then be ready to take on the responsibility of independently designing large-scale application systems.

Employment opportunities are to be found in software companies that develop individual applications, in industry, in commercial businesses, or in the service industry where the main focus will be on the deployment and integration of existing and new enterprise-wide applications.

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Contact Information

For more information about programme please contact: SDek-AAM(at)hs-furtwangen.de