Thank you for your interest in the International Business (IBW) degree programme.

Are you looking for a course which is both forward-looking yet practical? Is a global perspective important for you? Then International Business is the right course for you. It combines traditional business studies with an international focus and intensive language training. Choose one of our 3 international regional areas of specialization: China, the Francophone world or the Spanish world when you apply.

International Business is accredited by ACQUIN and achieved top rankings in most categories of the 2014/2015 CHE Ranking – Germany's biggest and best-known university rankings. What that means for you is that you will be studying International Business at one of the top 10 universities of Applied Sciences in Germany.

We prepare you for the best possible start in your business career, either in Germany or internationally.

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Academic Requirements

  • University entrance qualification (Abitur, high school leaving certificate or equivalent)
  • Good English language proficiency (approx. 7 years school English / 530 TOEFL points)
  • Language proficiency in regional focus language:
  • Focus on Francophone or Hispanic regions: 4–5 years of school instruction or equivalent knowledge
  • Focus on China: no previous knowledge necessary

Practical professional experience, longer periods abroad and extracurricular education are taken into consideration in the selection process.

Duration of Programme

The degree programme encompasses 7 semesters, the first 4 or which are spent studying in Schwenningen. The following 2 semesters are spent abroad doing an exchange semester at another university and an internship semester. The 7th Semester is spent back at HFU attending several blocks of lectures and writing the bachelor thesis.

What's in it for you?

  • small class sizes and personal support
  • vocationally oriented degree programme
  • solid foundation in business studies with specialization options
  • excellent teachers with both academic qualifications and on-the-job experience
  • international staff and student body
  • integrated exchange semester and internship semesters abroad
  • chance to gain unforgetable experiences at our worldwide partner universities          
    (e.g. Shanghai, Buenos Aires, New Zealand, Paris, Martinique)
  • opportunity to gain double degree from one of our partner universities

University Rankings

In 2017/18 the "International Business" (IBW) degree programme was awarded with top points. CHE Ranking is Germany's biggest and best-known university rankings. That means, You can study International Business at one of the Top 10 Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany.
You can find the complete ranking:

Registration is free.

We are delighted that our students gave us such fantastic grades!


The university accreditation processs investigates whether the proscribed quality standards of degree programmes are fulfilled. Only accredited degree programmes receive state approval. Furtwangen University has been accredited as a university since May 2013 through ACQUIN (Accreditation, Certification and Quality Control Institute). This means that,degree programmes which have been set up in compliance with the HFU quality management system or which have successfully completed our internal quality control process are accredited.
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