Engineering Psychology - making technology human

The Engineering Psychology degree at Furtwangen University in Tuttlingen connects psychology with technology. The interdisciplinary programme takes man's behaviour and cognitive abilities into consideration when designing products.

In the 7-semester Bachelor degree programme you will learn about the demands, limits and competencies of man and machine, because the increasing use of technology in business and society, as well as in the 4th industrial revolution, demands intelligent approaches to man-machine interaction.

Whether in medical technology, the automotive sector, in industry robots or multimedia devices, technology must be intuitive for the user. A well-functioning system is not only defined by its technical attributes, but also through good usability and user satisfaction. The user experience, therefore, is paramount in Engineering Psychology. This product attribute is a deciding factor in the differentiation between competing products.

Programme Objectives

The programme objectives are to understand man as a whole. Using your technical knowledge, you will design systems to suit human needs. With your know-how you will meet current and future demands in business and society and leverage efficiency and effectiveness at all working levels.

Programme Content

Degree focus

  • General psychology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Psycho¬≠logical methodology
  • Human-machine interactive systems
  • Usability
  • Psychology of work
  • Ergonomics
  • Technology
  • Management  and communications skills

The Engineering Psychology degree programme on the Tuttlingen Campus of Furtwangen University is being set up in close cooperation with industry. The programme is therefore practice-oriented and up-to-the-minute. Student projects and field trips are carried out at various companies allowing students further insights into the real life world of Engineering Psychology as well as the daily tasks and demands put on an engineer.

Career Opportunities

The increasing use of technology means that now, more than ever, human attributes must also be taken into consideration in the design process of socio-technological systems. Only when humans are given priority in project management, development processes, the design of the workplace environment and in the organization of work, can the whole system be in balance and processes be efficient.

Think about the self-driving car, robot systems or smart solutions for health or in buildings. These developments require intelligent approaches to man-machine interaction taking human factors into consideration. Such approaches lead to a positive user experience and to high efficiency at all working levels.

As a result of these relationships and the increasing complexity of technical products and work systems, the demand for specialists in this area mean excellent employability and career opportunities for Engineering Psychologists.

Fields of Work

Graduates of the Engineering Psychology programme analyze, develop and implement products and social-technological systems. They design how humans and machines work and interact with each other.

  • Product design and development
  • Interactive design
  • Product and project management
  • Work in interdisciplinary teams
  • Consulting and services, training

Quick Information

Degree awarded Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Duration of programme 7 semesters (incl. 1 practical internship semester)
Delivery full-time
Location of instruction Tuttlingen Campus
Programme begin winter semester (October)
Application deadline 15 July
Restricted intake yes (40 places)
Language of instruction German
Accreditation in progress

Why study Engineering Psychology?

  • Engineering Psychology is an interdisciplinary field
  • Make technology more human-friendly
  • Design the interface between man and machine
  • Design user-oriented products
  • Design work and work processes in a human and end-user friendly way
  • Improve the relationship between man and machine
  • Use "human factors" as the basis for development
  • Advance innovation
  • Excellent job and career perspectives
  • Wide array of employability options in many different fields
  • Work at home or abroad

Contact Information

General Information
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