Degree Programme for the Future

The new hands-on bachelor degree programme, Electrical Engineering started in winter semester 2015/16.

The broad umbrella of Electrical Engineering is involved to some extent in almost all modern day technological advances and products: telephony, mobile and satellite communications, fiber optics, electrical power and machinery, instrumentation, computer systems, satellite systems, microelectronics, robotics, graphics, automatic control, and telecommunications, to name but a few. Engineers in the Electrical Engineering programme are preparing themselves for an exciting future where they will be planning what we will be using in tomorrow's world.

The German workplace is crying out for Electrical Engineering graduates. If excellent career perspectives, a top salary and varied types of work appeal to you, then this is the right programme for you.

Quick Information

Degree awarded | Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Undergraduate/postgraduate degree | undergraduate
Duration of programme | 7 semesters
Delivery | full-time
Campus | Furtwangen
Programme begin | winter semester (October)
Application deadline(s) | 15 July
Restricted intake | yes
Language of instruction | German
Academic entry requirements | university entrance qualification
Language requirements | fluent in German, excellent English skills
Pre-sessional course / Foundation course requirement | none
Additional requirements | none
Tuition Fees | none
Contact | SDek-Bed(at)

Further Information in German

As the Electrical Engineering Bachelor degree programme is taught in German, please click here for more detailed information regarding the programme in German.

Contact Information

If you are interested in this exciting programme, just send us an email for more details.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Benyoucef
Faculty of Mechanical and Medical Engineering
Dean of Studies Bachelor of Applied Electrotechnology
07723 920-2342
Furtwangen Campus, Room B 2.05