Tuition and Fees

Currently no tuition fees are charged for Bachelor’s programmes and most Master's programmes at state universities in Baden-Württemberg. However as of Winter Semester 2017/18 international students from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area will be required to pay tuition fees of €1,500/semester. The following tuition fees are currently being charged for Master's degree courses which require several years of professional experience:

Master's ProgrammesTuition Fees
Business Consulting MSc  €1,500 / semester
International Business Management/Executive MBA €4,500 / semester
International Business Management MBA €3,200 / semester
MBA Sales & Service Engineering  €2,100 / semester
MBA Medical Devices and Healthcare Management €4,125 / semester
Physical-Technical Medicine Online Master€10,400 in total

Student Fees

Type of FeeAmount
Administration fee€70
Student services fee
(This includes accident, liability and theft insurance for the university premises.)
Students' union contribution€13

Non-degree seeking students such as exchange and visiting students are exempt from the administration fee. Students studying for a double-degree are required to pay the administration fee of €70.

Cost of Living

In our area of Germany, the monthly expenses for room and board, including health insurance, are currently estimated to be around €550/mth. The cost of living in Furtwangen and Schwenningen are lower than in most other university towns in Germany. The following will give you some idea of prices:

ItemsAverage Costs
Room in student halls of residence€250-300/mth
Single apartment€280-350/mth
Medical insurance for students under 30€80/mth
Lunch in student canteen €2.80
Beer in restaurant (0.4 l) €3.00
Milk (1 l)  €0.70

For visa purposes students have to submit proof of a monthly income of €735 for the duration of their stay.