International Center

The International Center is the interface for all the university's international activities as well as the central contact point for all international students and guests and all students planning stays abroad.

Students from more that 80 countries make for an international and multi-cultural atmosphere on campus and various initiatives by the International Center and the students (International Student Community), help to intensify contacts between German and international students.

We offer a Buddy- and a Guest Family Programme and organise numerous excursions and events. In addition, in cooperation with the faculties, we offer intercultural workshops and seminars.

Advisory Services

At  Furtwangen University we are concerned with the welfare and well-being of all our students so we offer a network of advisory services for students who need counselling or learning support. No matter what sort of problem you might be having, we have experienced, professionally-trained counsellors to give your advice or  tell you where to find the help you need. Services are free and available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students. Confidential counselling is also available. More detailed information on the range of welfare and learning support services we offer can be found here.

Language Center

The Language Center offers a wide range of language courses – English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and German as a Foreign Language (DaF).

As well as general language courses, both subject-specific and general technical courses, business courses and courses in regional culture and cultural awareness are offered.

Learning services

The staff of Learning Services support students on the various university campuses in the effective use of electronic media for learning. Our services for students range from guidance in choosing and using tools for communication and collaboration in virtual teams, to assistance with self-instruction using electronic learning tools. Students benefit in this way from our comprehensive range of services.

User support (FELIX, vitero, etc.)
Fast answers to questions regarding the operation and use of Furtwangen University's media services (FELIX, MEMEO, etc.).

Information and guidance for students
Planning and organisation of information events about our services, as well as individual guidance (information event for first semester students on all university campuses, event-related introductions to FELIX, MEMEO, etc.).

Media production
The media production team in the Learning Services Department provides central access to recorded lectures (e.g. Studium Generale) via the FELIX learning platform, as well as live transmissions of selected lectures to other university campuses.

The library services

The libraries provide all services related to media and information resources on all university campuses. These include the reliable and prompt provision and management of a comprehensive range of media along with competent guidance on accessing subject-specific literature in print or online.

In addition to 80,000 traditional media and over 25,000 German and English e-books, the libraries provide access to millions of documents from several thousand academic journals.

As well as providing access to a wide range of informational resources, the libraries offer a comfortable working environment on each of the three campuses. All three campus libraries have been renovated in recent years.

  • 2009 – complete renovation of library on Furtwangen campus
  • 2009 – construction of new library on the Tuttlingen campus
  • 2011 – construction of new library on the Schwenningen campus

The Libraries Catalogue (OPAC)
The Libraries Catalogue contains the actual physical content of the libraries.  These media can generally be borrowed. It also contains the e-books which the libraries have licensed, for example the SPRINGER, HANSER and OLDENBOURG e-books.

The user account with all self-service functions can also be found in the catalogue.

Databank Information System (DBIS)

The DBIS databank portal provides access to all the latest academic information.  The various databanks available, for example, WISO, BUSINESS Source Premier (EBSCO), SciVerse ScienceDirect, ACM, IEEE, PERINORM (DIN-Normen), can be accessed here.

Electronic Journals Library (EZB)

The Electronic Journals Library (EZB) service provides easy access to electronic academic journals. The traffic light symbols indicate whether the journal is accessible on campus or available free of charge online in full text.


All university staff and students have free access to the video2brain service which provides access to over 500 different training courses on wide-ranging topics.

Citavi Research Management Software

The citavi research management software supports the complete work process from research to the finished manuscript.

All students and staff of Furtwangen University have free access to a personal full version of Citavi team, which is suitable for both individual and team projects.

Computer Services

Upon enrolment, all students are authorised to access systems and services including the following:

  • Log-in access to all computers in the computer lab
  • Internet access
  • Personal webpage and user space (disk space)
  • Personal email address (usually, especially for correspondence with all university facilities
  • The use of licensed software
  • Access to WLAN access points on campus

Computer Services is also happy to help with practical training and thesis research. Individual advice can be obtained by visiting our offices in:

  • Furtwangen - Room C 1.11
  • Schwenningen - Room D 3.04
  • Tuttlingen - Room A 2.04

Opening hours: weekdays 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Support for all services can be found here Servicedesk or at extension -9585.

Online Services

Together with the other central facilities in the Information and Media Centre, Online Services provides broad access to modern services which support students.

The Studi-Portal online service allows students to download and print their own personal records and recent study certificates, including:

  • Course certificates in German and English (as well as documents for BAföG student funding, medical insurance, etc.)
  • Transcripts of grades (complete transcript of grades or transcript of passed exams)
  • Exam registrations

This service was developed in cooperation with the Examinations Office and is linked to the system of the Admissions and Records Office. This ensures that all important information is available to students in real time.

For homework and project work, students can use the central management system at , where they can save files and also easily assign access rights to project teams. An additional back-up system provides secure storage for valuable project data.

Every semester, the Information and Media Centre's media production team records a wide range of different lectures (e.g. Studium Generale, Open University, Open Campus Tuttlingen, etc.) which are available for download at any time, from any location, and without restrictions. Many of the productions are available not only to university members but also to interested visitors. All recordings are stored in the HFU Mediathek.

In addition, a number of selected productions, such as "Erfolg um jeden Preis – Ethik in Beruf und Wirtschaft" (Success at any Cost – Ethics at Work and in Business) by Ulrich Wickert or "Die Kraft der Gedanken: Gehirn-Computer-Interaktion" (The Power of Thought: Brain-Computer Interaction) by Prof. Dr Niels Birbaumer, can be downloaded anywhere in the world from iTunes U.

MEMEO - Meet me online
MEMEO enables participation in online meetings. With MEMEO, wherever you are in the world, and no matter what operating system or mobile device you are using, you can attend online meetings at Furtwangen University. Every member of the university is entitled to use MEMEO. External visitors, also, can easily be invited to online meetings. This facilitates excellent student support even during external training or thesis preparation, effective project management without participants needing to be in one place, quick and easy communication with fellow students, the possibility of collaborating at short notice on presentations, questions regarding exam preparation, and so on.

Dining Facilities

The main dining hall, known as the "mensa", offers a full hot lunch menu during the semester. Meals are served between 11.20am and 1.40 pm, Monday to Friday. The current cost of one student meal is €2.65. Students can pay with their HFU card, the student ID card with a multifunctional chip.

Furtwangen Campus
The cafeteria and dining hall are located directly on campus.

Schwenningen Campus
The new mensa building is located across the road from the main university campus buildings. There is a cafeteria on the ground floor and a dining hall on the first floor.

Tuttlingen Campus
A cafeteria is located in the basement of the main building.


HFU operates an environmentally-friendly e-carsharing project, making it possible for all students on the Schwenningen and Furtwangen campuses to rent electric cars when they need to be mobile. After initial registration, the car can be booked round the clock from a computer, mobile device or by phone. It is opened using the university keycard and charged upon return using the chip in the carkey.

The electric cars (Renault Zoes) are located in the courtyard of both campuses. The charging station for the car is also located here.

Facts and figures:

  • Performance: 65 kW (88hp)
  • Top speed: 135 km/h
  • Maximum distance: 120 - 150 km

Rental Costs
The cost for carsharing through my-e-car are as follows:

Day:7.00am to 10.00pm - 1st hour = €3.00, thereafter 4 cents/min., 15 cents/km
10.00pm to 7.00am - 1st hour = €3.00, thereafter no charge for time, 15 cents/km

All prices include tax.

Further information can be found under:


HFU cooperates with a ridesharing organization,, to support ridesharing among students and staff. We have our own university group which can be contacted through the following website: University members simply register with their HFU email address.

With flinc you can arrange a trip spontaneously or plan a fixed ridesharing group. flinc lets you know immediately when there are new offers and passengers, for example by push notification or SMS on your mobile or by email.