Microsoft Imagine (formerly DreamSpark Premium and MSDNAA) is a licensing programme offered to individual faculties of a university by Microsoft.

The members of the faculty - students, staff and professors - can use the Microsoft software products from this programme which are relevant to current courses and projects, free of charge.

Please note: the email address of the user as well as the list of products from Microsoft Imagine which are used will be stored by Microsoft without restrictions after downloading the software.

Which faculties take part in this programme?

The following faculties take part in this programme:

  • Digital Media
  • Health, Safety, Society
  • Industrial Technologies
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical & Medical Engineering
  • Medical & Life Sciences
  • Business Administration and Engineering
  • Business Information Systems

New: Please use the following link to access the central Microsoft Imagine Store of all participating faculties:

What software products are available?

Operating systems, compilers and development tools, libraries, MS Project, MS Visio, and many more.

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.) is not included!

What can the software be used for?

Participants may use the software for teaching and learning purposes, university software projects and similar uses.

For non-commercial uses only! Commercial use also applies when only one software product obtained through the Imagine programme (e.g. the operating system) is used to develop a commercial product. In the case of external software projects, products obtained over Imagine can only be used to carry out university projects. If the project results are later put on the market, the cooperating firm must purchase the relevant licence.

How long can the software obtained through Imagine be used for?

The right to download new Imagine software ends when the user leaves the faculty.

At this point, software which has already been downloaded from Microsoft Imagine may be used further, as long as it is for non-commercial purposes.

Login over single sign-on

Simply register with your HFU account ID in the same way as for FELIX.

By the authentification, no personal data will be forwarded to Microsoft. However, you will be asked by Microsoft to provide personal data before downloading or ordering software.

Expiry of access

  • Access will be blocked upon leaving the participating faculty (including transfers to another HFU faculty).
  • Image access will also be blocked when the HFU account is closed.