The Computer Networking programme will be offered from the winter semester 15/16 on under the Bachelor's in COMPUTER SCIENCE programme as the Networks and IT Security area of specialization.

Design and secure the networked world

The modern world is becoming ever smaller. Distributed computer networks and web-based services corss the borders of countries and cultures. Information, data and software are increasingly stored in the cloud. Every day millions of people use multiple services on mobile devices such as smartphones or table PCs. Global companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are already showing today what will be possible in the future.

Are you interested in network technologies and the security of IT systems? Do you want to bring people together with the help of modern communications networks and provide them with the tools they need for working together? Do you want to develop apps, analyze large amounts of data and work on the technologies of the future such as smart living - digitally-networked homes? Then the Networks and IT security area of specialization in the Computer Science Bachelor programme is the right one for you. We will provide you with the knowledge and skills to develop and implement intelligent solutions for networked systems.

One special strength of this area of specialization is the connection of web applications with IT security aspects. Computer Scientists with strong knowledge of network technologies and IT security are highly sought-after in the workplace. You will be trained experts in a booming market. The core subjects of Computer Networks, Network Management, Data Security and IT Security mean you will be well-prepared for these demanding tasks.

Please note: The Networks and IT Security area of specialization was originally part of the Computer Networking degree programme which is now no longer being offered. This area of specialization is being offered in this form for the first time in winter semester 2015/16.