Realize complex IT Systems

Smartphones, car navigation systems, online banking, medical systems and  IT-based assistance systems – information technology is everywhere. The internet as a huge computer system, opens up entirely new possibilities. It affects the way we communicate with each other and makes almost every piece of information available in split seconds. The digital revolution is also having a massive impact in the business world. Industrial and information technologies join together in the internet of things to become completely new structures - it is no longer people, but things, which are communicating with each other.

Do you  want to learn how the software that holds this huge network together works? Would you like to develop new IT systems and implement your ideas in a creative way? Then the Software Engineering specialist area is the right one for you. You will learn about the process of software development as a whole. At the same time you will gain modern software technologies to be able to design and realize large IT systems. You will learn to understand and control the interrelationships between the components of complex IT systems, taking quality, security and usability into consideration. The core subjects of Software Engineering, Software Architecture, Open source-based Software Development, Programming Models and User Interfaces provide you with a solid basis for these demanding tasks.