Software Engineering and Distributed Applications

Distributed computing is one of the major IT challenges facing modern businesses in a global environment. The MSc in Computer Science (INM) is an advanced degree which offers Bachelor graduates the opportunity to develop expertise in the areas of software engineering and distributed systems in order to meet complex IT challenges.



Applications and research-oriented

Graduates of this degree programme will have a unique combination of skills in the following areas:

  • Software technology:
    The planning, analysis and the design of more complex software systems is studied in greater depth.
  • Software development process:
    The ability to make systematic decisions about development processes is an important prerequisite for the development of larger, more complex software systems
  • Components and middleware technologies:
    Knowledge of component and middleware technologies in order to be able to evaluate the characteristics of distributed systems is a key skill for distributed systems specialists 
  • Applications:
    Graduates can design software systems for modern results-oriented solutions and the management of very large data volumes (Big Data).

As this programme is taught in German, for more detailed information on programme content, please check the German website pages here.