1 degree programme – 2 areas of specialization

IT Product managers work at the interface between computer science, the IT market and society – it's your job to define the commercially successful and sustainable products for the digital society of the future. There are many exciting job prospects open to you in the areas of IT service management, sofware marketing or in the development of new product strategies.

Start together - decide on your area of specialization later

The clear structure of this interdisciplinary programme gives you a broad grounding in IT product management skills. Then, after completing the basic programme, at the beginning of the 3rd semester you choose to specialize either in Software processes or Socio-informatics. Both in-depth areas of specialization will prepare you well for an exciting career in the booming software and services market. The international focus of the programme further improves your job prospects.

Software processes

Become an expert on the entire life-cycle of a software product - from the design, through the development and product launch, right up to the end of the product life and replacement with a new product. As a product manager, knowledgeable in all IT processes and familiar with the wishes and requirements of customers, you will implement this broad-ranging knowledge in the development of the products.


Informatics for the society of tomorrow – Socio-informatics is a new and dynamic area of computer science. You research and recognize trends in our digital society and develop new product strategies.

You will also be trained  to use standard computer science, social science and management tools during your course. Driven by social change, you will design futuristic software systems for large user groups.